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List of Reports
Kenshi Hayashi Last modified dateļ¼š2024.04.26

Professor / Electronic Devices / Department of Electronics / Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

1. Examination of KANSEI sensor using Quartz Crystal Microbalance.
2. A robot with high speed LSPR gas sensor for gas plume detection.
3. Estimation of Multi-species Gas Concentration Distribution Using Response Characteristics Distribution of LSPR 2D Sensors.
4. Basic study of energy harvester with environmental VOCs.
5. Concentration Estimation of Gas Mixtures by Two-Dimensional Gas Sensor with Response Characteristic Distribution.
6. Study of Information Encryption and Authentication Technology Using Chemical Substances.
7. Development of odor trace imaging system with two-dimensional LSPR substrate.
8. Extraction of important molecular parameters for development of odor sensor by correlation analysis of sensor response.
9. Gas Sensing Energy Harvester Using VOC Gas in the Environment.
10. Investigation of techniques for chemical lattice-based encryption.
11. Multi channel AuNPs-Fluorescent molecular coupling LSPR gas sensor robot for human search.
12. Pixel Structure Gas Sensor using Ag/Au Bimetal.
13. Extract of Odor Information Feature Value using Multi Fluorescent Probe Sensor.
14. An estimation of odor spatial distribution in odor imaging.
15. Visualization of Plant Odor using Molecular Imprinted Polymer Fluorescent Nano beads.
16. Sedimentary structures of AuNPs for gas-sensing with SERS.
17. Control of Gas Molecular Selectivity of Organic Ferroelectrics.
18. Development of Gas Responding Chemiresistor Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymer.
19. Gap controlled SERS active metal nano structure by light induced metal growth.
20. Optically Dynamic control of Molecular Selectivity of MIP Gas Sensor Based on Smart Materials.
21. Photopatterning Odor imaging device with pixelated multi-gas sensor with Au/Ag core-shell structure.
23. Fully printed MIP gas chemiresistor for detection of VOCs from human body.
24. Multi-sample gas sensing and its parallel calibration technique by fluorescence hyperspectral imaging.
25. Basic study of energy harvesting type gas sensor using VOC gas in the environment.
26. Measurement of environmental VOCs around humans by portable MIP chemiresistor arrays.
27. Creation of model to estimate molecular parameter using sensor data.
28. Measurement of the Spatially Distributed Gas Information with Vertical LSPR based High Speed Gas Sensor Robot System.
29. Characteristic analysis of plasmonic gas sensor using dye coupling.
30. Examination of gas sensing layer function recovery technology for self-healing chemiregister.
31. Prevention on bird and beast damage by odor and multiple stimuli.
32. Odor visualization with 2-dimensional opto-chemical sensor
Odor image sensor composed of 2-dimensional odor gas sensor can visualize odor space; odor flow or odor trace on the ground. Visualized image of odor can be recognized easily with our sense of sight. The 2D opto-chemical sensor is a key concept for practical use of a chemical sensor to solve calibration problems of chemical sensors. Odor quality visualization and prediction with machine learning based on molecular properties of odor substances and a relation network graph visualization..
33. Development and application of odor image sensor for body odor.