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Saito Atsushi Last modified date:2024.06.03

Professor / Health and sports science course
Department of Human Sciences
Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

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Academic Degree
Master of physical education
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Exercise physiology
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Effect of Physical Exercise in High-Pressure High-Oxygen Environment on Vascular Endothelial Function and Cognitive Performance
    keyword : Physical exercise,High-pressure High-oxygen environment,Vascular endothelial function,Cognitive performance
  • Changes in anoxic thresholds under normobaric hypoxia using oxygen saturation
    keyword : oxygen saturation, anoxic thresholds, normobaric hypoxia
  • Effects of walking on cognitive function
    keyword : walking cognitive function
  • Effects of ginger intake on body temperature and exercise performance.
    keyword : ginger, body temperature, exercise performance
  • Effects of green tea extract on physical fitness and lipid metabolism.
    keyword : green tea extract physical fitness lipid metabolism
  • diet survey of participants in talent identification and development program
    keyword : talent identification development diet survey
  • Intercollegiate athletic clubs at university: The reasons for participation and lack of participation

    keyword : participation in intercollegiate athletic clubs at university
  • Effect of ginger intake on energy metabolism
    keyword : ginger gingerols shogaols energy substrate
  • Physiological and psychological responses to self-selected pace running
    keyword : self-selected pace physiological and psychological responses
  • Efficacy of self-paced exercise to exercise adherence
    keyword : exercise intensity, exercise adherence, self-paced exercise, heart rate distribution
  • Effect of the changes in lifestyle on physical characteristics of child and adult
    keyword : Nepal, lifestyle, physical activity, physical fittness
  • Effects of hydration on cognitive function during exercise.
    keyword : hydration status cognitive function
  • Effect of psychophysiological responses on mountaineering in elderly trekker.
    keyword : heart rate, blood pressure, mood, affect
  • Estimate of exercise intensity based on frequency distribution of heart rate during prolonged exercise
    keyword : prolonged exercise, exercise intensity, distributin of haeart rate
    1998.04~2012.03To estimate exercise intensity during mountain hiking, frequency distributions of heart rate and specific gravity of urine were investigated. Fourteen male (60.6±5.5yr) and 20 female (55.8±6.1yr) subjects participated in mountain hiking to Mt. Sangun (935.9m). Mean heart rate and peak heart rate during hiking were 129.0±10.8 and 162.9±13.0 beats/min, respectively. The peak heart rate was 102.2±9.7% of maximal heart rate. There was a significant difference between the specific gravity of urine (SG) before (1.021±0.004) and after (1.028±0.005) hiking (p
Academic Activities
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Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan sports nutrition association
  • Japanese society of exercise and sports physiology
  • The Japanese society of nutrition and dietetics
  • Japan society of physiolosical anthropology
Educational Activities
Undergraduate Course:Laboratory of Health and Sport Science, Theory of Health and Sport Science Ⅱ
Graduate School: Exercise Physiology, Environmental Adaptation Physiology, Advanced Health and Sport Science, Seminar in Health and Sport Science