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Kenichiro Ikeshita Last modified date:2021.06.28

Associate Professor / Economic System Analysis
Department of Economic Engineering
Faculty of Economics

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

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Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Macroeconomics, Economic Growth
Outline Activities
Research interests:

1. Interaction between intellectual property rights and economic growth,
2. Macroeconomic dynamics of child labor and its policy implications,
3. Automation technology and economic growth.


1. Frontier Study in Macroeconomics (Post Doctoral course)
2. Macroeconomics (Post Doctoral course, for international students)
3. Topics in Economics (Post Doctoral course, for international students)
4. Advanced macroeconomics (Undergraduate)
5. Seminar (Undergraduate)
Research Interests
  • Economic Analysis of Automation and Growth
    keyword : Automation, techonological progress, economic growth
  • Macroeconomics of Child Labor and Economic Development
    keyword : Child labor, economic development, macroeconomics
  • Intellectual property and economic growth
    keyword : Intellectual property rights, economic growth, macroeconomic dynamics
Academic Activities
1. Kenichiro Ikeshita, Campaign Contributions and Innovation in a Fully-Endogenous Quality-Ladder Model, Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science, 10.1007/s41685-018-0080-6, 2, 1, 139-157, 2018.04, This paper examines the effect of campaign contributions on patent policy, welfare, and innovation using a fully-endogenous quality-ladder model. Assuming two types of households, where one type holds patents and the other does not, we analyze political conflicts between the two groups. Our analysis shows campaign contributions increase the rate of innovation to an excessive level from the viewpoint of social welfare when the innovation-maximizing patent policy is sufficiently strong. This result is important because it implies that the rate of innovation distorted by campaign contributions can be too high from the viewpoint of social welfare..
2. Kenichiro Ikeshita, Tamotsu Nakamura, Keisike Osumi, A Phase Diagram Analysis on “The Environment and Directed Technical Change”, Economics Bulletin, 35, 2, 968-977, 2015.04.
1. Kenichiro Ikeshita, Are Anti-Child Labor Policies Really Effective?
, 24th EBES Conference Bangkok, 2018.02.
2. Kenichiro Ikeshita, Child Labor and Capital Accumulation in Developing Economies, Singapore Economic Review Conference 2015, 2015.08.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory
  • The Japan Society of International Economics
  • Kyushu Association of Economic Science
  • Japanese Economic Association
  • Japanese Association of Applied Economics
Educational Activities
1. Frontier Study in Macroeconomics I, II (Post Doctoral course)
2. Economic Development and Growth (Post Doctoral course, for students of International Graduate Program)
3. Topics in Economics (Post Doctoral course, for students of International Graduate Program)
4. Advanced macroeconomics (Undergraduate)
5. Seminar (Undergraduate)
6. Introductory Economics (Undergraduate, Kikan Education)