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Takanari Kitazono Last modified date:2023.09.28

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Division of Cerebrovascular Disease .
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cerebrovascular disorder
Outline Activities
We have established multi center registry systems of patients with stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension, and gastrointestinal diseases and are analyzing the data to clarify the pathogenesis, clinical course, outcomes and prognosis of these diseases. We are also doing basic research to investigate the detailed pathphysiological mechanisms.
Research Interests
  • An epidemiological study of acute stroke patients, the Fukuoka Stroke Registry (FSR)
    keyword : stroke, cohort study, epidemiology, database
    2007.06We are doing multi-center registration study in which clinical information during acute phase and long-term prognosis of acute stroke patients are collected. In teh FSR, genome and plasma are also collected and stored for the future analysis. We will find out new evidences about stroke in Japan..
  • Genomics of brain infarction
    keyword : brain infarction, genomics, SNP
    2005.04To find genes susceptible to brain infarction, we are doing a large-scale case-control association study..
  • Molecular biology of CNS pericytes
    keyword : cerebral microcirculation, pericyte
    2004.04We are investigating the role of CNS pericytes in the regulation of cerebral microcirculation, superoxide production, and angiogenesis..
  • Study on cerebrovascular responses
    keyword : responses of cerebral arteries, nitric oxide, potassium channels, hypertension
    1991.09I have been investigating the mechanisms of cerebrovascular responses both in vivo and in vitro. I have shown, using a cranial window technique, the important role of potassium channels in the dilator responses of rat basilar artery in vivo. Moreover, I have examined the vascular responses during chronic hypertension and found that the activities of both nitric oxide and potassium channels are impaired in the basilar artery during chronic hypertension, which may contribute to the development of cerebrovascular lesions in hypertensice subjects. Recently, I am studying the molecular identity of NADPH oxidase in the endothelial and smooth mauscle cells and found that NOX4 is the major catalytic subunit of NADPH oxidase in the endothelial cells..
Current and Past Project
  • Using our original multi-center stroke data base (Fukuoka Stroke Registry; FSR), we have been investigating the clinical features of stroke patients in Japan.
  • I have been investigating the molecular identity and the functional role of the NAD(P)H oxidase in the vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells.
  • Using cranial window technique and other pharmacological techniques, I have been investigating the regulation mechanisms of cerebral circulation. I focus on the changes of cerebrovascular responses during chronic hypertension.
Academic Activities
1. Ago T, Kuroda J, Kamouchi M, Sadoshima J, Kitazono T., Pathological roles of NADPH oxidase-nox family proteins in the vascular system., 2011.07.
2. Kamouchi M, Ago T, Kitazono T., Brain pericytes: emerging concepts and functional roles in brain homeostasis., Cell Mol Neurobiol, 31: 175-193, 2011.03.
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4. Seki T, Goto K, Kiyohara K, Kansui Y, Murakami N, Haga Y, Ohtsubo T, Matsumura K, Kitazono T, Downregulation of Endothelial Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid Type 4 Channel and Small-Conductance of Ca2+-Activated K+ Channels Underpins Impaired Endothelium-Dependent Hyperpolarization in Hypertension., Hypertension, 69, 1, 143-153, 2017.01.
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6. Eriguchi M, Tsuruya K, Haruyama N, Yamada S, Tanaka S, Suehiro T, Noguchi H, Masutani K, Torisu K, Kitazono T, Renal denervation has blood pressure-independent protective effects on kidney and heart in a rat model of chronic kidney disease., Kidney Int, 87, 116-127, 2015.01.
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1. Hypertension and chronic kidney disease (CKD) in acute stroke patients; the Fukuoka Stroke Registry.
2. Molecular epidemiology of cerebrovascular disease; The Hisayama Study and the Fukuoka Stroke Registry (FSR).
Educational Activities
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