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Yoshinao Oeda Last modified date:2023.11.22

Associate Professor / Urban Planning and Management
Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

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Field of Specialization
Transportation and City Planning
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
The main reserches are transportation planning and town and country Planning. The subjects are Long Distance Travel, Recreation Travel, shopping Trip and barrier-free facility.
Main education activities are for transportation and programing mathematics to undergraduate and graduate students.
Social activities are the participations to some councils for city planning.
Research Interests
  • Trsnportation policy and car horn
    keyword : Transportation Policy, car horn
  • Disaster and Transploration network
    keyword : Disaster, Transportation, Network, Resilience, Redundancy
  • Aging Society and Compact City
    keyword : Aging,Compact City, Regular Outpatient Treatment, Shopping
  • Barrier Free and Transportation Environment
    keyword : Disability, Barrier Free, Transportation
  • Medical Treatment and Infurastructuer
    keyword : Medical Treatment, Aged Person, Compact City
  • Transportation from Solitary Island and Range of Living Area
    keyword : Solitary Island, High Speed Ship, Aged Person
  • The Effect of Introduction of High Speed railway
    keyword : Shinkannsen, High Speed railway, Long trip, Intercity transportation
    2007.05Introduction of high speed railway propels more widely parsonal activity. In this study, we are going to resarch Kyushu Shinkansen whose construction is going on, analizing and examining the change on social and parsonal activities..
  • A Study on public transportation with ITS
    keyword : ITS、Public transportation, Fare system
  • A Study on transportation behavior for elder persons
    keyword : Elderly person, Public transportation,Shopping,Recreation
  • Study on trip of Wheel Chair
    keyword : Wheel Chiar, Vibration, Road Surface, Comfortability on Riding
    1998.04~2002.03A subject of this resarch is the study for Vibration of wheel chair and user comfortable and also, the study for the flow of walking persons mixed a wheel chair in pedestrian space..
Academic Activities
1. A study on shopping behavior to nearby islands by residents in Goto regions in consideration of traffic condition.
2. Yoshinao Oeda, Tomoniri Sumi, Upali Vandevona, Wheelchair User Perception of Road Roughness, 26Th Australasian Transport Resarch Forum, 2003.10.
3. Yoshinao Oheda, Takafumi Fukunaga, Qiang Li, Tomonori Sumi, A Mode Choice Model for Long Distabce Travel on Business Integrating Departure Time Decision Behaviors, ASCE, Traffic & Transportation Studies, Proceeding of ICTTS 2002, 405-412, pp.405-412, 2002.07.
1. A Study for The Effect of A Reduced Rail Fare During Off-peak on Long Non-Grocery Shopping Trip.
2. A Study for Views of Transportation Firms and Local Self-governing Bodies in Kyushu That Face a Society With an Aging and Fewer Children Population.
Educational Activities
(1)Lecture of Dynamics for first year students
(2)Core seminar for first year students
(3)Lecture of Planning and Mathematical Principle and transportation planning for third year students
(4)Lecture of transportation facility design for third year students
(5)Seminar/Design and Drafting for fourth year students(2007~2009)
(6) Lecture of Urban traffic planning, Traffic flow theory and Automotive Human Science for graduate students
(7)Direction to Graduation thesis and Master degree thesis on transportation and city planning in Laboratory.
(8)Lecture of Planning and Mathematical Principle and Transportation Planning for third year students in G30 program.
(9) Lecture of Urban traffic planning for graduate students in G30 master degree program.
(10) Move to The department of auto motive science, Graduate school of integrated frontier Science
Professional and Outreach Activities