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Shuji Nagasaki Last modified date:2023.11.22

Assistant Professor / Flight Dynamics and Controls
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School

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Master of Engineering
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Outline Activities
1. Research and development of an observation system of the aerosol using an autonomous gliding UAV separated from an observation balloon
2. Research on the automatic design of the UAVs, mainly conceptual design by using the evolutionary algorithms
3. Research and development of the autonomous flight systems of the small UAVs
4. Online estimation of the speed and direction of the wind encountered on the small UAVs inflight
5. Students seminars on the flight dynamics, for example, the experiments of the gliding paperplane, and the experience of the flight simulator
6. Public lecture on designing and flying the paperplane to the elementary school students and those parents
Research Interests
  • Research and development for the autonomous flight infrastructure of multi-copter
    keyword : electric-driven flight, multi-copter, drone, controller
  • Multi-rendezvous orbital plans for active debris removal to large scale space debris in LEO by using evolutionary algorithms
    keyword : Active debris removal, Low earth orbit, Rendezvous, Orbit planning, Evolutionary algorithms
  • Establishment of multi-domain analysis technology for flapping ultra-small flying objects based on the flexible and multifunctional design of living organisms
    keyword : unsteady aerodynamics, flapping, small UAV, drone, robotics
  • A Survey of Flying Method about an UAV Returning from High Altitude for the Aerosol Sample Return Mission
    keyword : UAV Gliding Flight, Low-Reynolds Number Aerodynamics, Wind Tunnel Testing, Mathematical Modeling
  • An Observation System of the Aerosol Using an Autonomous Gliding UAV Separated an Observation Balloon
    keyword : UAV Gliding Flight, Low-Reynolds Number Aerodynamics, Wind Tunnel Testing, Mathematical Modeling
  • A Formulating of Mathematical Models of the Tailsitter UAVs Aiming for the Design of the Controller by Using Wind Tunnel Testing
    keyword : UAV, Tailsitter, Wind Tunnel Testing
  • An Observation System of the Aerosol Using an Autonomous Gliding UAV Separated an Observation Balloon
    keyword : UAV Gliding Flight
  • Research on the autonomous flight system of Powered Parafoil Glider, PPG
    keyword : Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Parafoil, Wind Tunnel Testing, Free Flight Testing, Embedded System
  • Research and development of the guidance and control of the vertical take-off and landing miniaturized aerial vehicle, VTOL-MAV
    keyword : Vertical Take-off and Landing Miniaturized Aerial Vehicle (VTOL-MAV), Helicopter, Autonomous Flight, Range Finder, Embedded System
  • Research on the multidisciplinary optimum design of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV by using Evolutionary Algorithm, EA
    keyword : Evolutionary Algorithm (EA), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Multidisciplinary Optimum Design Method
  • Research and development of the autonomous flight system of the small-sized UAVs
    keyword : Unmanned Aerial Vehicl (UAV), Autonomous Flight System, Flight Testing, Embedded System Technology into the Miniaturized Onboard Equipment
Academic Activities
1. Shuji Nagasaki, Shin-Ichiro Higashino, and Akira Sakurai, Automatic Generation of UAV Configuration by Using Evolutionary Algorithm, Infotech@Aerospace2005, 26-29 Sep. 2005, AIAA Paper 2005-7080, 2005.09.
Educational Activities
・Aeronautics and Astronautics Experiments for Special Cource Students
Other Educational Activities
  • 2020.04.
  • 2019.04.
  • 2018.04.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Explaination and discussion on the autonomous system of UAVs when Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Roser visit Kyushu University. He has studied the system of the small satellite in Stuttgart University, Germany..