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Atsuhiko Isobe Last modified date:2024.02.02

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Physical Oceanography, Coastal Oceanography
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Outline Activities
Please visit our web site for detailed descriptions including my publication list. My recent research interests are as follows:
Dynamics of continental shelf and coastal circulation, with a focus on observational and numerical studies on Yelllow & East China Seas, and Seto Inland Sea. Atmosphere-ocean interaction in marginal seas and coastal oceans. Marine plastic debris, especially on transport and formation processes of marine micro-plastics.

Ocean dynamics at Dept. of Earth System Science & Tech., Works with students in Master& Doctor courses of Dept.ESST.
Research Interests
  • Dynamics of continental shelf and coastal circulation, with a focus on observational and numerical studies on Yelllow & East China Seas, and Seto Inland Sea. Atmosphere-ocean interaction in marginal seas and coastal oceans. Marine plastic debris, especially on transport and formation processes of marine micro-plastics.
    keyword : ocean circulation in shelf and coastal waters, atmosphere-ocean interaction, marine plastic debris, microplastics
    2006.04Please see my Web site (URL is shown above).
Current and Past Project
  • microplastic research
  • The project will focus on three main areas of research:
    (1) Surveillance and monitoring of tsunami-generated marine debris landfall;
    (2) Modeling movement of marine debris in the North Pacific; and
    (3) Risk (including potential impacts) from invasive species to coastal ecosystems.
  • Over the East Asian marginal seas including the Sea of Okhotsk, we are able to find complex ocean processes such as oceanic fronts associated with Kuroshio and Tsushima Currents, sub-mesoscale eddies of which horizontal scales are less than 100 km, and sea ice production. Our research objectives are to investigate how atmospheric processes with the synoptic/mesoscale scales (say, development of extratropical cyclones) are influenced by these ocean processes with relatively smaller spatial scales. In addition, our focuses are placed on whether the atmospheric processes altered above marginal seas again influence marginal seas. Do atmosphere-ocean coupled processes actually occur even in relatively narrow marginal seas?
  • Kuroshio:State estimate and prediction
Academic Activities
1. Yohitake, M., A. Isobe, Y. K. Song, W. J. Shim, A numerical model approach toward a settling process and feedback loop of ocean microplastics absorbed into phytoplankton aggregates, Journal of Geophysical Research -Oceans, 128, e2022JC018961, 2023.06.
2. Okubo, R., A. Yamamoto, A. Kurima, T. Sakabe, Y. Ide, and A. Isobe, Estimation of the age of polyethylene microplastics collected from oceans: Application to the western North Pacific Ocean, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 192, 114951, 2023.06.
3. Atsuhiko ISOBE and S. Iwasaki, The fate of missing ocean plastics­: Are they just a marine environmental problem?, Science of the Total Environment,, 825, 153935, 2022.02.
4. Alfonso, M. B., K. Takashima, S. Yamaguchi, M. Tanaka, and A. Isobe, Microplastics on plankton samples: multiple digestion techniques assesment based on weight, size, and FTIR spectoroscopy analyses, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 173, 113027, 2021.10.
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8. Atsuhiko Isobe, Paleo-ocean Destratification Triggered by the Subduction of the Oyashio Water Into the Sea of Japan After the Last Glacial Maximum, Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 10.1029/2019PA003593, 35, 3, 2020.03.
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11. Young Kyoung Song, Sang Hee Hong, Soeun Eo, Mi Jang, Gi Myung Han, Atsuhiko Isobe, Won Joon Shim, Horizontal and Vertical Distribution of Microplastics in Korean Coastal Waters, Environmental Science & Technology, 10.1021/acs.est.8b04032, 52, 21, 12188-12197, 2018.11.
12. Iwanaka, Y., and A. Isobe, Tidally induced instability processes suppressing rive plume spread in a nonrotating and nonhydrostatic regime, Journal of Geophysical Research -Oceans, 123, 3545-3562, 2018.06.
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  • American Geophysical Union
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Dept.ESST/Seminar on Dynamics of Ocean Variability