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Yoshinori Miura Last modified date:2021.06.09

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Outline Activities
research : thermal and cold denaturation of a protein
education : support for experiment and measurement to teachers and students
social activites : participation in the annual event "Open Campus"
Research Interests
  • Studies on sol-gel transition in aqueous solutions of methylcellulose
    keyword : sol-gel transition, methylcellulose, hydrophobic interaction, nuclear magnetic resonance, thermal analysis
  • Studies on thermal and cold denaturation in proteins.
    keyword : protein, melittin, heat- and cold-denaturation, cooperativity, nuclear magnetic resonance, thermal analysis
    1993.04thermal and cold denaturation of a protein.
Current and Past Project
  • The major aims in this project are as follows. (1) We construct the system that enable company's people engaged in a car or semi-conductor industry to use adavnced analytical instruments of which Kyushu university is possessed. (2) We give a lecture to a beginner (who has not used analytical instruments) to manage the instruments for the purpose of the expansions of utilization. (3) We accelelate technological innovations through this project.
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