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Shigyo Nobuhiro Last modified date:2024.06.03

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Radiation Physics and Measurement .
Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Nuclear Engineering
Outline Activities
I measure nuclear reaction cross sections as essential quantities for engineering and medical applications of high energy accelerators and apply to radiation safety design of accelerator facilities. I guide graduate and under graduate students and have courses on experiments and excises.
Research Interests
  • Evaluation of radiation at the COMET facility
    keyword : COMET、8 GeV proton, neutron, activation, radiation dose, PHITS
  • Study on radiation safety for accelerator facilities
    keyword : accelerator, radiation, safety, shield, neutron, gamma-ray
  • Study on flexible material for radiation shielding
    keyword : radiation shielding, flexible material
  • Study on neutron yields for 24 GeV/c proton incidence
    keyword : 24 GeV/c, proton, neutron, yield, energy spectrum
  • Study on neutron production double differential cross section for heavy ion induced on bioelements
    keyword : heavy ion, bioelement, neutron, double differential cross section
  • Study on deuteron induced neutron production below 10 MeV
    keyword : deuteron, neutron, yield, energy spectrum
  • Study on neutron yields for high energy particle incidence
    keyword : 120 GeV, proton, neutron, yield, energy spectrum
  • Nuclear reaction data evaluation for proton and neutron induced nuclear reaction for Li and Be up to 200 MeV
    keyword : lithium, beryllium, proton, neutron, cross section, evaluation
  • Study on neutron induced neutron production double differential cross section in intermediate enrgies
    keyword : neutron, double differential cross section
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • Atomic Energy Society of Japan
Educational Activities
I take charge of part of Basic Experiments in Energy Science and Engineering, Experiments in Applied Quantum Physics and Seminar of Applied Quantum Physics III in under graduate school. I take charge of part of Experimental Practice on Nuclear Engineering and Numerical Simulation for Radiation Engineering in graduate school.
Professional and Outreach Activities
I have had talks and demonstration on basics of radiation for elementary school students to adults for a long time. I cooperate with universities and institutes for design of a beam line for nuclear data at heavy ion accelerator facility RAON from 2019. I collaborate with Sungkyunkwan University and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute on neutron measurement is on going. Neutron measurement at Los Alamos National Laboratory has been done..