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NORIKO SATO Last modified date:2024.04.08

Professor / Forest Environmental Sciences
Department of Agro-environmental Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

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Academic Degree
Dr. of Agriculture
Field of Specialization
Forest Policy,Forestry Economics
Outline Activities
Conduct studies on desirable forest policy toward stainable forest management through socioeconomic analysis, forest resource management for multifunction, and development of rural communities based on the field work in mountain areas.

Educational Activities:
Lectures on "Environmental Social Economics", "Forest Resource and Rural Economics", "Forest Policy " for undergraduate students. Lectures on "Forest Economics" for students in the master course.
Supervising students’ paper-writing in the laboratory.

Social Activities:
Councilor of the Japanese Forest Society
Executive board member of the Japanese Forest Economics Society
Member of Political Economy & Economic History Society
Deputy of IUFRO 6.08.01 "Gender Research in forestry"
Member of National Land Development Council in Japan(2008-)
Member of Depopulation Measure Conference of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (2010)
Councilor of Yamaguchi Prefectural Forest Board
Head director of NPO Corporation Kyushu Forest Network (6/2004-10/2010, 10/2016-)

Acquisition of research grants:
1 Deputation (Leader)
- April. 2010 – March. 2012: Clarification of Conditions of Sustainable Community Based Resource Management (SCBRM) and International Cooperation in Asia, funded by Interdisciplinary Programs in Education and Projects in Research Development (P&P Program), Kyushu University

- April. 2009 – March. 2013: Comparative Research of Succession of Private Forest and Measures for Sustainable Forest Management under the falling birthrate and the aging population, funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

- June. 2006 – March. 2009: Study on Impacts of Increasing Log Demand by Large-scale Forest Product Industries on the Management of Forestry Households in Kyushu, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute.

- May. 2006 – March. 2009: Study on Support Measures to Promote Environment-conscious Forestry in Mimigawa region, Miyazaki Prefecture, funded by Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.

- April. 2005 – March. 2008: Study on Institutional Design of Direct Payment pledged Sustainable Forest Management, funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

- April. 2004 – March. 2005: Study on Conversion of Mountainous Village to Sustainable Society and Regional Partnership for Forest Conservation, funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

- April. 2003 – February. 2009: Study on Forest Planning by Local government based on Decentralization and Residents Participation, funded by Yamaguchi Prefecture.

- June. 2001 – March. 2003: Study on Establish Sustainable Rural Society and autonomous work of the local population of Morotsuka, funded by Municipality of Morotsuka, Miyazaki

2 Associate Participant
- April. 2007 - March 2011: Conditions to establish Forest “KYOCHI” (Collaborative Management) concerned about Regional Characteristics (Leader: Inoue M.), funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

- April. 2006 – March. 2009: Assessment of new functions Rubber Plantation as Forest and Forest Products (Leader: Mizoue N.), funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

- April. 2004 – March. 2017: Conditions to establish Forest Environmental Governance (Leader: Kakizawa H.), funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

- April. 1999 – March. 2002: Recession of Forest Owners’ Mind toward their Forest and Socialization of Forest Resource Management (Leader: Sakai M.), funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) .
Research Interests
  • Factors and influences of disasters by landslide and driftwood: toward consensus-building of forest environmental measures
    keyword : Landslide disaster, drift wood, forest environmental policy, forest zoning, consensus-building
  • Economic circulation in hilly and mountainous areas by promotion of self-employed small-scale forestry, and development of the business model of eco-friendly forestry.
    keyword : Self-employed small-scale forestry, Economic circulation, Hilly and mountainous areas, Eco-friendly Forestry
  • The development of the wood self-sufficiency ratio improvement policy in the East Asia and socioeconomic influence on mountain village
    keyword : Japan,Taiwan, Korea,
  • Study on collaboration type forest management based on actual situation elucidation and community of the forest possession, usufruct reform of Asia
    keyword : Indonesia, Bangladesh, agroforestry, forestry investment, decentralization
  • Comparative Research of Succession of Private Forest and Measures for Sustainable Forest Management under the falling birthrate and the aging society
    keyword : Forest, Forestry, Sustainable forest management, forest land inheritance, forest land transfer
  • A study about the effect and issue of the direct payment system toward for sustainable forest management with multiple functions
    keyword : Multiple functions of forest, Direct payment, Forest management plan, Direct payment, Forest law, Forest and Forestry Revitalization Plan
    2002.01~2010.03As Basic Law on Forestry was revised in 2001 after 40 years, the policy was changed from emphasising timber production to emvironmental conservation. In 2002, subsidy system was adopted to promote regional activities on forests and this is the first direct payment system for environment in Japan. In this research, comparative analysis is done on the situation of the forest subsidy for each local areas, and its effects and issues are discussed..
  • A study about the sustainable regional alliances for mountain village society formation and forest maintenance
    keyword : Mountainous village, Community, Depopulation, Regional alliances, Forest conservation
    2000.01After the high economic growth, various countermeasures against the low population and regional development were practiced, however, we confronted the problems such as aging or vanishing settlements in 90s. In order to recover it, we need to reconsider the importance of rural villages, to promote participatory approach using local resources, and to cooperate with cities. Empirical study is done on the case of Morozuka Village in Miyazaki, about forest conservation, potential of tourism, reorganization of communities, etc..
  • A study about the transformation of forest house management and the issue of forest management
    keyword : Forestry household, Farm forestry, Forest ownership, Clear cutting, The re-afforestation abandonment
    1993.01The following approach has been done for the forestry workers who produce 50% of woods in Japan. 1) A possibility of family-run forestry from the perspective of productivity, stability, and sociality. 2) A change of their management in accordance with the change of rural economic and demand structure. 3) Resource management problems under the shrinkage of Japanese forest industry..
  • A study about the development of the self-governing body forest / the forestry measures in the "decentralization" times
    keyword : Local forest management, Local independent measures, A fiscal structure, Forest governance,Decentralization
    1998.01There is a wide variety of forest ownership and rural community structures in Japan, and decentralization of authority in the forest policy is required. Since 1990s, local fiscal measurements have been expanded and we can see many unique practices. In this research, comparative analysis is done on the forest policy by local government and its effect. As financial condition is getting strained since the year 2000, we are also going to analyse of its effect on the local measurements and figure out the financial matters on the forestry. .
Academic Activities
1. Motomu TANAKA, Makoto INOUE, Noriko SATO, TAKAHIRO FUJIWARA, Vinh Quang Nguyen, Collaborative Governance of Forests Towards Sustainable Forest Resource Utilization, UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO PRESS, Noriko Sato, Takahiro Fujiwara,Vinh Quang Nguyen Chapter 6 Collaborative Governance for Planted Forest Resources: Japanese Experiences P.163-198 (分担執筆), 2015.03, [URL].
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6. Fukao,S.,Sato,N.,Kouroki,K.,Iwano,M.,Hori,Y. et al.(1999),attainment point and direction where forestry in basin is developed, Kyushu University (SATO, Changes in forestry family and issues of forest management, pp.31-54).
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5. Risk Identification and Risk Assessment of Logging Contractors:OWAKE Tatsuya and SATO Noriko.
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10. TAKAHIRO FIJIWARA, San Afri Awang, Wahyu Tri Widayanti, Ratih Madya Septiana, Kimihiko Hyakumura, Noriko SATO, Socioeconomic Conditions Affecting Smallholder Timber Management in Gunungkidul District, Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia, Small-scale Forestry, DOI 10.1007/s11842-017-9374-1, 1-16, 2017.08.
11. Katayama, T. and Sato, N. : Characteristics of new entrants to forestry by "Local Vitalization Cooperator" institution and support measures by receiving municipality..
12. Sato, N. : Characteristics of authorization of forest management plan by municipality in Kyushu and issues of the policy measures..
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Membership in Academic Society
  • Village Environment Research Association 
  • The Japanese Forest Society
  • The Japanese Forest Economic Society
  • The Kyushu Forestry Society
  • Rural Issues Association of Japan
  • Rural Issues Association of Japan
  • International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) 3.08-Small Scale Forestry Group
  • IUFRO 6.08.01 "Gender Research in forestry"
Educational Activities
Undergraduate School: Forest Policy, Forest Environmental Management, Forest Policy Studies
Master Course: Advanced Forestry Economics, Forest Environmental Sciences
Professional and Outreach Activities
Chairman of the Japanese Forest Economic Society (2023-), Head director of incorporated non-profit organization of Kyushu Forest Network (2017-)..