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JUN YAMASHITA Last modified date:2021.06.28

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Field of Specialization
Environmental geography, Regional planning, Geographical information science
Outline Activities
My research focuses on the creation of sustainable cities in terms of urban welfare and the environment and of the relationship between urban structure and urban sustainability using field surveys and analytical methods such as geographic information systems. I am also interested in the development of indicators to measure the progress of sustainability in cities and evaluation methods for sustainable urban policies.
Research Interests
  • A study on applications of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to environmental policy and planning
    keyword : sustainable development, geographical information system (GIS), environmental policy and plannning
    2000.10Studies on applications of GIS (geographical information systems) in regional environmental policy and planning.
  • A study on environmental urban policies in the European Union
    keyword : sustainable cities, sustainable development indicators, regional policy, environmental assessment
    1999.04Studies on urban environmental policies in the European Union.
Academic Activities
1. Yamashita, J., Hino, M. and Tsutsumi, J. eds., Urban Geography of Post-Growth Society, Tohoku University Press, Yamashita, J., Knowledge spillover effects on agglomerations of environment-related industries: A case in Japan, pp. 225-245, 2015.02.
2. Yamashita, J., Spatial Interaction and Spatial Structure: A Study of Public Facility Location, Lund University Press, 186 p, 1995.06.
1. Miyakawa, Y., and Yamashita, J.,, Tokyo: satellites and GIS for the new capital, Sistema Terra, Vol. 6-3, pp. 4-13, 1997.12.
2. Yamashita, J., Public facility utilization by subgroups of non-institutionalized elderly persons in Matsumoto, Geographical Review of Japan Ser. B, Vol. 70-1, pp. 1-9., 1997.10.
3. Murayama, Y., Yamashita, J., The effect of natural barriers on spatial interaction: a study on the declining number of migration between Chugoku and Shikoku regions, Annual Reports of Institute of Geoscience, Vol. 22,pp. 13-16., 1996.12.
Membership in Academic Society
  • International Geographical Union, Urban Commission