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Shinji Hokamoto Last modified date:2020.02.03

Professor / Flight Dynamics and Controls
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Field of Specialization
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Outline Activities
Research: Submittion of original research articles to Journals
Education: Lecture to students and supervisor of research
Research Interests
  • Development of Autonomous Navigation Systems based on Insect Vision
    keyword : Vision Guidance System, Optic Flow, Compound Eye System
    2012.04Dynamics and Control of Planetary Rovers.
  • Control of Nonlinear Systems with Non-holonomic Constraints
    keyword : Space, Non-holonomic, Tether
    2000.01Dynamics and Control of Tethered Satellites.
  • Development of Autonomous Systems
    keyword : Autonomous System, Path Plannning, Leg Locomotion, Vision Guidance System
    2000.01Dynamics and Control of Planetary Rovers.
  • Dynamics and Control of Space Robots
    keyword : Space, Robot, Non-holonomic, Path Planning
    2000.01Dynamics and Control of Space Robots.
Academic Activities
1. Considerations for Control of Planar Space Robot using Manifolds
Shinji Hokamoto, and Takashi Matsuno
Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Vol.23, No.5, pp.594-601, 2005.
Educational Activities
Undergratuate Course:
Fundamentals of Guidance and Control I, Fundamentals of Guidance and Control II, Flight Control Systems
Graduate Course:
Advanced Guidance and Control I, Instrumentation, Guidance and Control Seminar I, Guidance and Control Seminar II, Guidance and Control Laboratory,
Advanced Guidance and Control