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List of Reports
Hisao Oshima Last modified date:2021.06.14

Associate Professor / Art / Department of Content and Creative Design / Faculty of Design

1. This paper examines the visual reception of Shakespeare in the Victorian age and its process of popular reception through "Shakspeareanity" in Punch Journal..
2. Koume Akasaka and the Culture of the Coal Mining Area of Chikuho - the Locality of New Balladry, [URL].
3. Hisao Oshima, "Politics of Assassinations of Kings in Plays of Marlowe and Shakespeare".
4. Hisao Oshima, "World Shakespeare Congress 2016 and New Trends of Shakespeare's Stage Performance (Studies)".
5. 大島 久雄, Book Review: Susan Bennett and Christie Carson, eds., "Shakespeare Beyond English: A Global Experiment" (Cambridge UP, 2013), "Multicultural Shakespeare: Translation, Appropriation and Performance" vol. 14, 2016.10, Susan Bennett and Christie Carson, eds., "Shakespeare Beyond English: A Global Experiment" (Cambridge UP, 2013)に関する劇評。.
6. Performance Review: "The Tempest" by Yamanote-Jijosha, [URL].
7. 大島 久雄, Performance Review: "The Tempest" by Yamanote-Jijosha, Shakespeare Studies Vol. 53 (Shakespeare Society of Japan), 2016.03, 山の手事情社公演『テンペスト』に関する劇評。.
8. 大島 久雄, Book Review "Janet Clare, 'Shakespeare's Stage Traffic: Imitation, Borrowing and Competition in Renaissance Theatre'", Shakespeare Studies Vol. 52 (Shakespeare Society of Japan), 2015.03, ジャネット・クレア著 'Shakespeare's Stage Traffic: Imitation, Borrowing and Competition in Renaissance Theatre' に関する書評。.
9. Stage Representations of Shakespearean Tempests - Yukio Ninagawa, Mansai Nomura, Yoshihiro Kurita - .
10. Shakespeare in Silent Films with its Main Focus on "The Tempest".
11. Shakespeare in the Westerns: The Intertextual Reception of Shakespeare in Genre films.
12. The Intertextuality of Shakespearean Reception in Post-WWII Genre Films: From "My Dear Clementine" to "The Bad Sleeps Well".
13. Report on the International Shakespeare Conference in South Africa: The Reception of "The Tempest" in Japan .
14. A Study on Receptions of "The Tempest": Text, Discourse, and Intertextuality.
15. Report about Seminar Reading Macbeth: Culturally and Historically.
16. Richard Flecknoe and His "Short Discourse of the English Stage".
17. Report about Seminar "Reading 'The Tempest'".
18. In the Pursuit of Machiavelli's Shadows.
19. Drama and Technology of Design.
20. The Class Sense in "Tamburlaine the Great": What the Sign of a "Shepherd" Signifies..
21. John Bale's "King Johan" and the Discourse of Religious Conlficts.
22. An Introduction of the Study of Shakespeare's Language: Review of Russ McDonald, "The Art of Shakespeare's Language".
23. The Comic Language of "Comedy of Errors": Sense and Nonsense.
24. Book Review: Jonathan Bate, "Shakespearean Constitutions: Politics, Theatre, Criticism 1730-1830".
25. Barabas as an Iconoclast.
26. Book Review: J. P. Brockbank, "On Shakespeare: Jesus, Shakespeare and Karl Marx, and other Essays".