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Tomokazu YOSHIOKA Last modified date:2019.06.06

Associate Professor / Built Environmental Design
Department of Environmental Design
Faculty of Design

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Field of Specialization
Structural Engineering
Outline Activities
I develop and study new earthquake-resisting structural systems in order to raise the safety of buildings. I teach classes on the structural engineering.
Research Interests
  • A Study of Brief method for Evaluating Damage Index and Repair Cost of Earthquake-Damaged Condominium
    keyword : Condominium,Earthquake,Damage,Damage Index,continuous use
  • A Development of Replaceable Lightweight Precast RC Damping Partial Wall
    keyword : Reinforced Concrete,Vibration Control,Partial Wall,Friction Damper
  • A Study on Bolted Frictional-Slippage Damper
    keyword : Damper,Damage Control, High Tension Bolt,Aluminium Alloy
    2000.04~2018.03A Study of Bolted Frictional-Slippage Damper.
  • A Study on Damage Controlled Reinforced Concrete Wall
    keyword : Reinforced Concrete Wall, Damper,Damage Control,bolt joint
    2003.04~2018.03A Study of Damage Controlled Reinforced Concrete Wall.
Academic Activities