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Se Teruhisa Last modified date:2024.06.03

Professor / Department of Social Studies
Department of Social Studies
Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

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Academic Degree
Ph.D. in Law
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
political theory, political philosophy, human rights theory
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
I specialize in normative political theory, in particular, modern liberal theory, human rights theory, and human rights education. In next several years, I would like to deal with the following issues. (1) human rights theory in non-Western cultural contexts, (2) liberal nationalism.
Research Interests
  • Karl Popper and nationalism
    keyword : Popper, nationalism, critical rationalism
  • The relationship between globalization and liberal democracy
    keyword : globalization
  • political theory of "coexistence" based on Japanese culture
    keyword : Japanese culture, coexistence
  • human rights education in Japanese cultural contexts
    keyword : human rights education, moral sense in Japan, japanese studies
Academic Activities
1. Ewha Institute for Humanities, Ewha Womans University and Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society, Kyushu University (eds.), Ewha Institute for Humanities, Ewha Womans University and Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society, Kyushu University (eds.), Translation, Transculturation, and Transformation of Modernity in East Asia (Somyong Publishing, 2018), Somyong Publishing, Teruhisa Se, “Human Rights Education in the Japanese Cultural Context: Which Type of Rights Theory Can Provide a Better Guide?” を執筆。pp. 387-411., 2018.06.
2. (翻訳)富沢 克、伊藤恭彦、長谷川一年、施 光恒、竹島博之, デイヴィッド・ミラー『国際正義とは何か――グローバル化とネーションとしての責任』, 風行社, 第7章、第8章の翻訳を担当。, 2011.06.
3. A Rebirth of Liberalism: Deriving a Political Theory from Fallibilism.
4. The Japanese Translation of Will Kymlicka's An Introduction to Contemporary Political Philosophy (Oxford University Press, 1990).
1. Se, Teruhisa, Comment on Session 3: Human Rights Protection and Asia, Proceedings of Asian Forum for Constitutional Law 2007: Constitutional Changes and Asian Constitutionalism in the 21st Century, Nagoya University Center for Asian Legal Change, pp. 204-207, 名古屋大学で開催された国際シンポジウム「アジア憲法フォーラム 2007」の記録, 2008.05.
1. Teruhisa Se, 'The Prerequisites of Cross-Cultural Dialogue on Human Rights', in Tetsu Sakurai and Makoto Usami eds., Human Rights and Global Justice: The 10th Kobe Lectures, July 2011 (Archiv für Rechits- und Sozialphilosophie, Beiheft 139) (Stuttgart, Franz Steiner Verlag, 2014), 117-129, 2014.01.
2. Teruhisa Se and Rie Karatsu, A Conception of Human Rights Based on Japanese Culture: Promoting Cross-Cultural Debates, Journal of Human Rights, vol. 3, no. 3 (September, 2004), pp. 269-289., 2004.09.
3. "Fallibilistic Liberalsim Revisited".
4. "Human Rights Theories and Education: The Applicability of an Indirect Consequentialist Theory Based on Fallibilism to the Japanese Cultural Context," Komin Kyoiku Kenkyu, vol. 10, 2002, 35-49.
5. "Towards an Indirect Consequentialist Theory of Human Rights : Extending Jeremy Shearmur's Arguments," Hogaku-Seijigaku Ronkyu, vol. 45, 139-172..
6. "An Introduction to a Theory of Fallibilistic Liberalism," Hogaku-Seijigaku Ronkyu, vol. 40, 1999, 181-227..
1. A Japanese Way of Understanding of Human Rights and Its Implication for Bioethics.
2. 施 光恒, Liberal Democracy and Religion: An Analysis of a Japanese General Conception of Human Rights , IUAES Inter-Congress 2015: Re-imagining Anthropological and Sociological Boundaries, 2015.07.
3. Teruhisa Se, Human Rights Education in Japan: From a Liberal Nationalist Perspective
, IVR日本支部 神戸記念レクチャー・大阪セミナー, 2011.07.
4. A Conception of the International Order Based on Liberal Nationalism: Extending D. Miller's Arguments.
5. A Normative Consideration on Human Rights in Asia: Assumptions for Cross-Cultural Dialogue.
6. Liberal Nationalism and Multiculturalism: In search of Public Philosophy That Can Connect Cultures, Nations and Generations.
7. The Possibility of an Indirect Consequentialist Theory of Human Rights Based on Fallibilism for Human Rights Education in Japan: A Comparative Study.
8. A Consideration on the affinity between Popper and Hayek: From a Perspective of Bartley's Comprehensively Critical Rationalism.
Educational Activities
The Second Term in 2003
For undergraduate students: I hold a seminar on theories of civilizations and multiculturalism.
For graduate students: I have two seminars. One is a joint seminar with Prof. Yasuhisa Shimizu, which is titled "Liberalism and Fukuoka, Japan, and East Asia". In this seminar, we discuss a wide range of issues concerning political culture and history in modern Japan. The other seminar held by myself deals with topics regarding civil disobedience.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2019.01.
  • 2017.12.
  • 2017.12.
Professional and Outreach Activities