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Tomo INOUE Last modified date:2024.05.08

Associate Professor / Built Environment Design
Department of Environmental Design
Faculty of Design

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
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Field of Specialization
Planning of Building Construction, Management and Organization of the Building Process
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Archive of Railway Drawings in Bangladesh
    keyword : Railway Drawing, Former British Colony, Archive
  • Digital Archive of Architecture Works of Architects
    keyword : Architect, Architectual Works, Digital Archive, Shoei Yoh, Yositika Utida
  • iron/steel archeology
    keyword : cast iron, wrought iron, steel, dating
  • Island building Production
    keyword : island, building production
  • Failure study of regional activation
    keyword : failure study, regional activation
  • Initiatives of tenants in self-renovation
    keyword : initiatives of tenants, self-renovation
  • Sustainable inhabited environment in depopulating society
    keyword : depopulating society, Sustainable inhabited environment
  • Modernization of Housings in Modern Farm Villages in China
    keyword : Modernization of Housing, Housings in Modern Farm Villages, China
  • Preservation of Modern Architectures in Myanmar
    keyword : Myanmar, Modern Architecture, Preservation
  • Preservation and Renovation of Buildings Built after WWII
    keyword : Buildings Built after WWII, Preservation, Renovation
  • Difficulty of Asperger's Syndrome Person in Residential Space
    keyword : Asperger's Syndrome, Asperger's Syndrome Person, Difficulty in Residential Space
  • Weathering Study on Durability of Steel Fittings
    keyword : Steel Fitting, Steel Sash, Corrision Resistance, Exposure Test
  • Research on recycle systems of Glass products in Europe
    keyword : Glass architectural products, Glass bottle, Recycle
  • Histrical Study of Development and Diffusion of Glass block
    keyword : glass brock, glass brick, prism glass
  • Expansion of Reinforced Concrete houses in Okinawa
    keyword : regional housing system, regional housing resource, reignforced concrete house
  • facade engineering
    keyword : facade engineering, design team, design method,
  • Curtain Wall in China
    keyword : China, Sash, Curtain Wall, environment-friendliness
Current and Past Project
  • Steel Iron Archaeology
  • Study of the potential of historical environmental design in developing countries
Academic Activities
1. Ma, Jian; Inoue, Tomo; Fang, Qiaoling; Li, Kunming; Li, Mengqi, A Study on Optimal Opening Configuration for Art Museum Exhibition Space Considering Daylight Performance, Indoor Thermal Comfort, and Energy Consumption, Sustainability,, 15, 23, 2023.11, Skylights are an efficient means of daylighting in exhibition spaces, but their design presents significant challenges. Considering that daylight utilization profoundly impacts both the visual and thermal environments while affecting energy consumption, the early application of multi-objective optimization strategies becomes imperative. However, many optimization studies provide numerical references only, without delving into the characteristics of opening distribution. This study introduces an optimized exploration approach for openings based on grid subdivision and material parameter selection, targeting Useful Daylight Illuminance (UDI), Energy Use Intensity (EUI), and Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied (PPD). Simulations and optimizations were performed using Honeybee and Octopus, focusing on the optimal configurations of four typical skylights in Fukuoka, Japan’s climate. The results demonstrate that this novel optimization approach improves metrics for each case and challenges traditional perceptions of daylight systems. Flexible and diverse opening configurations, formed through irregular layouts and material combinations, help achieve more ideal holistic environmental effects under different climatic conditions. Thus, we should provide these research findings as design guidelines for similar scenarios..
2. Qiaoling Fang, Tomo Inoue, Dongqi Li, Qiang Liu and Jian Ma , Transit-Oriented Development and Sustainable Cities: A Visual Analysis of the Literature Based on CiteSpace and VOSviewer, Sustainability,, 15, 10, 2023.05, In the last three decades, relevant research has rapidly increased in tandem with the global popularity of TOD (transit-oriented development) initiatives. It is vital to thoroughly summarize this research and investigate its development trends for sustainable cities. The advent of bibliometrics has given rise to a new method of conducting systematic reviews. We wish to illustrate the evolution of the TOD field by applying scientometrics, with the aim of revealing trends in this field and establishing a scientific classification system. We employ visualization software such as VOSviewer and CiteSpace to conduct bibliometric analyses on TOD-related publications from the WOS database from 1994 to 2021. Potential TOD-related research hotspots and cutting-edge research trends are thoroughly examined. The results indicate that TOD research topics are diverse, with hot topics related to land use, built environment, travel behavior, etc. The regions studied in TOD research are mostly metropolitan areas. Based on a modest number of starting keywords, this strategy can be used to build a more relevant and deeper research network. Through expanding the research content and improving research methods, this paper can provide insights into identifying the evolution of TOD research in different locations of the world, as well as provide a reference for the application and implementation of TOD strategies..
3. Fang, Qiaoling; Homma, Riken; Inoue, Tomo; Liu, Qiang; Zheng, Qiyang, Spatio-temporal Variation of Urban Bus Ridership Using Smart Card Data in a Compact City, International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Vol.11 No.1, pp.192-207,, 11, 1, 197-207, 2023.01, Buses are one of the most essential parts of the urban transportation system since they can cater to residents’ daily transit demands. This study investigates the spatio-temporal patterns of urban bus traveler activities using a one-month bus trajectory dataset in Kumamoto City based on smart card data. Based on the idea of a compact city, the ordinary least squares (OLS) regression model is implemented to explore the factors that affect the bus ridership at the bus stop level in the 17 essential core districts in Kumamoto City. Then using the geographically weighted regression (GWR) model, we can get the spatial heterogeneity of the bus ridership and visualize the spatial distributions of parameter estimations. By comparing the results of the two models, we find that the two models performed similarly both in global fit and explanatory accuracy. These results can provide valuable suggestions for estimating bus demand, which may exert important implications for bus route optimization. They can also provide a basis for policy formulation by city and transportation planning and management authorities. The results of the study demonstrate the effectiveness of compact urban development in Kumamoto City from the perspective of bus ridership in each core district..
4. Joram Utiyakunze, Tomo Inoue, Segmentation of Structural Elements from 3D Point Cloud Using Spatial Dependencies for Sustainability Studies, Sensors,, 23, 4, 2023.02, The segmentation of point clouds obtained from existing buildings provides the ability to perform a detailed structural analysis and overall life-cycle assessment of buildings. The major challenge in dealing with existing buildings is the presence of diverse and large amounts of occluding objects, which limits the segmentation process. In this study, we use unsupervised methods that integrate knowledge about the structural forms of buildings and their spatial dependencies to segment points into common structural classes. We first develop a novelty approach of joining remotely disconnected patches that happened due to missing data from occluding objects using pairs of detected planar patches. Afterward, segmentation approaches are introduced to classify the pairs of refined planes into floor slabs, floor beams, walls, and columns. Finally, we test our approach using a large dataset with high levels of occlusions. We also compare our approach to recent segmentation methods. Compared to many other segmentation methods the study shows good results in segmenting structural elements by their constituent surfaces. Potential areas of improvement, particularly in segmenting walls and beam classes, are highlighted for further studies..
5. Ei Thandar Kyaw and Tomo INOUE, Conservation Priorities Based on Current Conditions of Wooden Monasteries in Myanmar, Geijutsu Kogaku: the Journal of Design, Vol. 34, 2021, pp.37-72.
6. Ei Thandar Kyaw, 井上 朝雄, Conservation Priorities Based on Current Conditions of Wooden Monasteries in Myanmar, 芸術工学研究,, 34, 37-72, 2021.03, ミャンマーは敬虔な仏教国であり、ミャンマー全土には遺跡も含めて数多くの寺院が点在してる。ミャンマーにおける仏教寺院はミャンマーの文化を語るうえでとても重要であるが、経済発展の波の中でいくつかの寺院は消滅の危機に瀕している。とくに木造の僧院はその構造的な特徴から、一度メンテナンスが放棄されると老朽化が加速し、一挙に廃墟になりかねない危険性をはらんでいる。この研究の上位の目標は、ミャンマーの木造僧院の保全のためのガイドラインを作成することにあるが、まずは本報において、その現状を報告し、ガイドライン作成のための課題を整理した。.
7. Ma Jian and INOUE Tomo, Considerations on daylighting method of art museum exhibition rooms by annual daylight simulation, Design Research 82, Society for Design and Art, pp.62-69.
8. A. Yano, Tomo INOUE, M. Tani, K. Tanoue, Y. Kishi, J. Tsuchiya, K. Manabe and F. M. Huda, Steel Archeology for Dating Historical Buildings in the Developing Countries of Former British Colonies : Colonial Buildings using Steel Beams in Bengal, Geijutsu Kogaku: the Journal of Design, Vol. 30, 2019, pp.57-66.
9. A. Yano, Tomo INOUE, M. Tani and Y. Kishi, The Study of Dating Buildings of British Colonial Era by Attributes of Steel Flames and Other Iron Structural Part : Colonial Buildings using Steel Flames and Other Iron Structural Part in Australia, Geijutsu Kogaku: the Journal of Design, Vol. 29, 2018, pp.11-19.
10. Tomo INOUE, J. TSUCHIYA, A. KAWANABE and LI Shang, Color analysis of interior finishing materials of the model houses, Case study of Akita and Fukuoka Prefecture, Geijutsu Kogaku: the Journal of Design, Vol. 21, 2014, pp.41-50.
12. Tomo INOUE, Y. HACHIYA and A. TOBIMATSU, A Study on Present Condition of British Colonial-Era Buildings in Yangon, Geijutsu Kogaku: the Journal of Design, Vol. 19, 2013, pp.21-26.
13. Tomo INOUE and Y. HACHIYA, Research on the Way to Use Tiles and Bricks in Architectures by Togo Murano, Geijutsu Kogaku: the Journal of Design, Vol. 18, 2013, pp.33-41.
14. M. TANI, Tomo INOUE, K. ASAHIRO, N. OI and K. TANOUE, Family Composition and Out-Migrant Family Members in Depopulated Villages in the Mountains in Fukuoka, Japan and Spain, The Study of Small Settlements in the Mountains for the Design of Life Environmental Sphere in the Age of Population Decrease, Geijutsu Kogaku: the Journal of Design, Vol. 17, 2013, pp.83-92.
15. "Tomo INOUE and Y. HACHIYA, Housings in Modern Farm Villages in the old Zone and the Hot-summer/cold-winter Zone of the People's Republic of China,
Comparative Study of Guapi Island, Changhai County, Dalian and Xuxi Village, Rongchang County, Chongqing, Geijutsu Kogaku: the Journal of Design, Vol. 17, 2013, pp.93-110".
16. Yasuko HACHIYA and Tomo INOUE, Housings in a Modern Farm Village in the Northeastern Part of the Kingdom of Thailand -Case Study of Dang Pong Village, Sila Subdistrict, Mueang khon Kaen District, Khon Kaen Province, Geijutsu Kogaku: the Journal of Design, Vol.16, pp.39-52, 2012.
17. Ryo ARAI and Tomo INOUE, Study on Durability of Steel Doors and Sashes, Geijutsu Kogaku: the Journal of Design, Vol. 15, pp.29-51, 2011.
18. Developments of super clear glass and tempered glass and diachrony of their usages in Japanese architecture
Tomo INOUE and Shuichi MATSUMURA
Journal of Architectural Institute of Japan.
19. Tomo Inoue, Shuichi Matsumura and Tsuyoshi Seike, ANALYSIS OF FA蕊ADE ENGINEERING IN JAPAN, Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, 2003.11.
Works, Software and Database
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Membership in Academic Society
  • Society for Design and Art
  • Japan Society for Finishing Technology
  • Architectural Institute of Japan
  • DOCOMOMO Japan
Professional and Outreach Activities
Construction of a digital archive of buildings
Digital archiving of architectural works designed by architect Yositika Utida
Digital archiving of architectural works designed by architect Shoei Yoh
Digital archiving of architectural works designed by architect Togo Murano
Digital archiving of architectural works designed by architect Arata Isozaki.