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Munehiro Miwa Last modified date:2023.07.11

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Academic Degree
Master of Enginerring
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Business History , Military History, Record Management
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Business History, Oil and Coal Industry
Military History, Pacific War
Selection and Destraction of Records
Research Interests
  • Aso and Coal Mining from War time to the end of production
    keyword : Coal Aso company
  • War time Wages of foreign labours
    keyword : foreign labour Wages during the Second World War
  • Record Apraisal
    Record Disposal
    keyword : Record Management Archives
  • Data base and Checklist for Archives in the U.S. and the U.K.
    keyword : Checklist for Archives
  • The Failure of Japanese Synthetic Oil Production Project for Aviation Gasoline
    Economic Sanction and the Pacific War against the U.S. in 1941

    keyword : Aviation Gasoline
  • Records of the Japanese Research Project
    keyword : Economic intelligence  Japanese Files Research Project
    2005.04RG131 and Japanese Records Project.
  • Pacific War
    keyword : Pacific War
    1985.04The road to the Pacific War from the point of Oil..
Current and Past Project
  • We will survey the Aso collections.
  • The Japanese refining technology was mainly dependant on hydro-cracking of kerosene and gas oils, which seemed different from other countries such as USA, Germany and Great Britain in the second World War period.
    The manufacture of iso-octane by polymerization and alkylation was limited due to inadequate supplies of C4 hydrocarbons. Japan introduced Universal oil products company’s iso-octane process and faced the difficulties to get C4 hydrocarbons among oil gases, sugar , alcohol, and so on.

    Hydrogen for the plants (i-octene hydrogenation, kerosene hydro-cracking, cracked gasoline hydrogenation and methanol manufacture) was made from
    ① Water Gas
    ② Cracking of waste gas
    (③Electrolysis of Water)

    Japan spent much money and more than 10 years in developing coal liquefaction for aviation gasoline but in vain. Japan mistakenly believed that German had already got oil from coal by the Bergius direct process.
    PB reports(US and British survey after the war) tells us that German produced aviation gasoline including iso-octane from the coal-tar especially C4 hydrocarbons.
Academic Activities
1. Pacific War and Oil.
1. 三輪宗弘, 『米国司法省戦時経済局対日調査資料集』(第1巻~第5巻), クロスカルチャー出版, 第1巻~第5巻
解説のみ日本語。, 2008.11.
1. Miwa Munehiro, A full embargo and the decision making of waging war: two views prevailed from first to last. .
2. Development of Aviation Gasoline Production in Pre-war Japan.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Records Management of Japan
  • The Japan Society for Archival Science
  • Socio-Economic History Society
  • Business History Society of Japan
  • The Japanese Society for the History of Chemistry
  • The Military History Society of Japan
Educational Activities
Special Lectures (Business History on Enery Industry)
Record appraisal and Record Disposal
Special Lectures on Library Science
Military and Econimics of Enegy
Lectures on Materials and Records of Business
Other Educational Activities
  • 2008.06.
  • 2007.06.
  • 2007.02.
  • 2005.01.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Editor Of the History of Fukuoka-city.