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Makoto Kubo Last modified date:2024.05.09

Associate Professor / Department of Surgery and Oncology, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University
Department of Clinical Medicine
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Breast surgery and oncology
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Outline Activities
We perform medical examination and treatment (diagnosis / surgery / oncological treatment, etc.) for the patient with breast cancer and conduct translational research about the breast cancer from the approach of surgical and clinical oncology. Also, we try to upbring the specialists for the sake of corresponding to the rapid increase of patients with breast cancer. Moreover, we opened a public lecture and attend at the patients' associations, and we are consulted and work on enlightenment.
Research Interests
  • Elucidation of the immune system in breast cancer microenvironment
    keyword : breast cancer microenvironment
  • Validation of dense breast
    keyword : Dense breast
  • Internationalization of check-up for breast cancer
    keyword : check-up for breast cancer, mammography
  • Pathological biomarkers diagnosis in breast cancer using artificial intelligence
    keyword : AI
  • Diagnosis and monitoring for treatment with using cell free DNA
    keyword : Cell free DNA
  • Cancer genome medicine
    keyword : Cancer genome medicine
  • The combination of PD-L1 expression and decreased tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes is associated with a poor prognosis in triple-negative breast cancer.
    keyword : PD-L1
  • BRCAness in triple negative breast cancer
    keyword : BRCAness
  • Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome
    keyword : Hereditary Breast Cancer
  • 1.Breast Cancer Stem Cells
    2.Gene Profiling of Breast Cancer
    3.Endoscopic Breast Surgery
    keyword : Breast cancer
    2003.09~2014.121. We sort CD24-/lowCD44+ cells as stem-like cells of the breast cancer and analyze its signaling. Also, we investigate the therapeutic directionality of the drug-resistant or triple negative breast cancer by determining the characteristics of cancer stem cells. 2. We perform gene profiling of breast carcinomas using resected samples and store genetic samples . We analyze particularly juvenile breast cancers and make a base of the therapy choice. 3. We choose and produce devices to establish the methods of endoscopic surgery for patients with primary breast cancer. .
Current and Past Project
  • Registry research on tumor mutation burden
  • We promote AI (Artificial Intelligence) evaluation for high-density breasts and contribute to lower breast cancer mortality in young people.
  • Our aim is to develop a prediction tool, TP53 signature.
  • Our goal is to construct an examination system in Japan and analyze genetic mutations using multiーplex panel examination, a comprehensive cancer-related gene analysis tool by NGS.
  • Real practise and prognosis based on subtypes in breast cancer.
  • We build the mutual and stable relationship between the two countries while applying the Internet technology.
Academic Activities
Works, Software and Database
1. .
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Association of Breast Cancer Screening
  • Japanese Cancer Association
  • Kyushu Associations of Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, and Endocrine Surgery
  • Japan Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Japan Breast Cancer Society
  • Japan Surgical Society
  • Target therapy for triple negative breast cancer
  • Five programs provided scholarships designed to promote the education and professional development of early-career scientists who are
    actively pursuing research in breast cancer by facilitating their attendance at SABCS.
  • Hedgehog signaling pathway is a new therapeutic target for patients with breast cancer.
Educational Activities
Lecture 1: "Hereditary tumors" for 4-degree students in Medical School.
Lecture 2: "Breast surgery and oncology" for 5 and 6-degree students in Medical School.
Lecture 3: "Precision Oncology" for students in Graduate School of Medical Sciences.
Lecture 4: "Up-to-date of Breast surgery and oncology" for students in Graduate School of Medical Sciences.
Lecture 5: "Chemotherapy and hormonal therapy for patients with breast cancer" for cancer-expert pharmacists.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2021.03, Education for medical staff on Cancer Precision Medicine for affiliated hospitals.
  • 2020.02, Precision Oncology Seminar.
  • 2019.06, Education for medical staff on Cancer Precision Medicine..
  • 2019.01, Precision Oncology Seminar.
  • 2019.07.
  • 2019.10.
  • 2019.06.