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Satoru Tanoue Last modified date:2023.11.22

Professor / contemporary Educational Practices,Comprehensive Human Formation(Master's Course)Education(Doctor's Course)
Department of Education
Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

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Doctor of Education
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Studies of Educational Methods, Educational Practice Studies
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Outline Activities
We believe that educational methodology is a discipline based on two questions: "How to educate" and "Is it education? The premise of this study is the question of how to view education. We take the position that education is knowledge formation and human/self-formation.
We are currently conducting research on the following themes

1. Extracted children in classroom practice and research
2. Classroom analysis as a case study
3. Theoretical and practical research on "self-denial" reflection and teacher self-change
4. An educational system in which exceptional children who think and express uniquely (children as exceptions or outliers) also live together
5. Individual knowledge formation/personal development and the leadership and expertise of teachers that support it
6. "Evaluation as Education" to form high quality subjects of evaluation and subjects to be evaluated
7. Pursuit of the relationship between educational theory and practice

1 is a theoretical and practical study on the focus on a few children (focus) in educational practice and research. We consider that the selection criteria of selected children and the examination of these selected children in relation to others can lead to teachers' "negative awareness" and "subjective analysis" (and possibly to children's "negative awareness" and "subjective analysis"). This is related to studies 2 through 5. 2 is an attempt to pursue the underlying theoretical foundations and future possibilities of case studies in pedagogical research. 3 is a theoretical and practical examination of "self-negative" reflection that considers and promotes teachers' self-transformation in the direction of "negative awareness" and "subjective analysis". 4) Theoretically and practically, this project aims to rethink children who have been conventionally called gifted (or Talented) from the viewpoint of OE (Over-Excited), and to pursue the ideal educational system that enables such children to live together (or that includes such children). 6. It aims to expand the purpose of evaluation in education beyond evaluation for teachers' instruction and children's learning to the development of better evaluation subjects and subjects of evaluation from the viewpoint of human development, and to develop better teachers and teachers. 6 is to extend the purpose of evaluation in education beyond teacher instruction and children's learning to nurture better evaluation subjects and subjects to be evaluated from the viewpoint of human development, and to pursue it theoretically and practically. And 7, in relation to the individual studies from 1 to 6, is to consider the theory and practice of education as a relationship of "negative dialogue" (which is the antithesis of each other), and to examine in principle how to continue to create theory and practice as a zinthesis.

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Research Interests
  • A study on human understanding and evaluation of children using data as a clue

    keyword : Human Understanding, Educational Evaluation, Data,Data-driven
  • Theoretical and practical research on "self denial" reflection and teacher's self reform
    keyword : Self denial, reflection, self-instruction, teacher
  • Research on the child who stood high and who does peculiar thinking and expression
    keyword : peculiar thinking, peculiar expression, Excellence, gihted
  • On Modal Treatment of Data in Lesson Study
    keyword : modal treatment,statistical treatment,coding treatment,lesson study
  • On Case Study in Educational Study
    keyword : Case Study,qualitative research,quantitive research
  • OnLesson analysis, Lesson Records and THUSHUTSUJI(Clue Children) in Lesson Studies
    keyword : lesson study,lesson anarysis,lesson record,clue children
  • On Training inside the Campus and Research inside the Campus Based on lesson study
    keyword : lesson study,training inside the campus, research inside the campus,school improvement
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • The World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS)
Educational Activities
In Uiversity-wide Teaching Curriculum: Curriculum Theory
In the faculty, educational practice and a basic examination of the educational practice research and the research on teaching are done through reading the document and the analysis of the educational practice record.
In the graduate school, it can be a base of the case study (research case and educational case) concerning educational practice. Moreover, an examination and development special of the teacher are done. Both domestic and foreign various theses and an educational practice records are made a clue.