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Tohru Takarada Last modified date:2023.02.01

Lecturer / Division of General Dentistry
Comprehensive Dentistry
Kyushu University Hospital

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Academic Degree
Ph.D. D.D.S.
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Dental Anestegiology
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • A study on the influence of dental education on consciousness concerning future prevention of dental caries in children
    keyword : dental education,dental caries prevention,awareness survey
  • Study about the effect of the oral care in the perioperative period
    keyword : perioperative period、 oral management 
  • A survey for the systemic disease that general dentist should be dealing with
    keyword : General dentistry、Medically compromised patient、Aging society
  • Research on Mental Status of Trainee Dentists
    keyword : mental health, dental residents
  • Construction of new respiratory monitoring system using dynamic air pressure sensor
    keyword : dynamic air pressure sensor , respiratory monitoring
Academic Activities
1. Tohru Takarada, Yoshihisa Sumi, Yoshinori Higuchi, Influence of SOC on the Mental Health Status of Postgraduate Trainee Dentists in Japan, International Archives of Addiction Research and Medicine, 1, 2, 2015.11.
2. 寳田 貫, 浅田 徹之介, 角 義久, 樋口 勝規, Effect of a rotation training system on the mental health status of postgraduate dental trainees at Kyushu university hospital, Fukuoka、Japan, Journal of Dental Education, 78, 2, 243-249, 2014.02, In Japan, the increasing frequency of mental health problems in dental trainees has recently become apparent. To our knowledge, there has been no previous research to investigate the influence of the type of training program on the mental health of dental residents during one year of postgraduate clinical training. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to compare changes in the mental health of two groups of dental trainees: those who undertook a rotation training program and those who trained solely in one department (the control group). Study subjects in both groups completed the Profile of Mood States and the General Health Questionnaire at five intervals throughout the postgraduate training year. Analysis of the questionnaire responses were performed by Student’s t-test, analysis of variance, Bonferroni’s test, and the chi-square test.Statistical test showed differences in the mean scores of POMS-30 subscales and GHQ-28. The mood of anger was the factor that seemed to best describe the trainees’ response to stress. The study results led to the conclusion that dental trainees’ mental health is influenced by the type of training program, and that dental trainees in rotation training programs may need more mental health support..
3. A questionnaire survey for the systemic disease that general dentist should be dealing with.
4. Research on Mental Health Status of Dental Residents Using GHQ28 and MBI.
5. Takarada T., Kawahara M., Irifune M., Endo C., Shimizu Y., Kobayashi K., Sakata K., Kikuchi N., Saida T.,and Onizuka C., An Alternative Approach to the Monitoring of Respiration by Dynamic Air-pressure Sensor., Anesthesia Progress , 54(1):2-6, 2007.04.
1. Research on Mental Health Status of Dental Residents Using GHQ 28 and MBI (2nd report).
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