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Takeshi Yokoyama Last modified date:2023.09.26

Professor / Maxillofacial Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences
Department of Dental Science
Faculty of Dental Science

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
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Field of Specialization
Dental Anesthesiology
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Research: It was focused on perioperative metabolic management and anesthesia management. Clinical research is being conducted to examine general anesthesia management that improves prognosis, with a focus on perioperative metabolic and nutritional management.
Education: Lectures on dental anesthesiology, etc. are given to undergraduate students. For graduate students, we provide guidance on clinically relevant research, focusing on perioperative metabolic management and research on lifesaving procedures specific to dentistry.
Authored books on lifesaving procedures in dental emergency, and also contributes to anesthesiology education by writing books on general anesthesiology for medical residents and medical students.
Clinical: Supporting the practice of oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, and dentistry for the disabled by providing high-quality systemic management based on the latest evidence, drawing on his experience in medical anesthesia.
Research Interests
  • Study of clinical monitoring during perioperative period
    keyword : Perioperative period, Monitoring
  • airway management during perioperative period
    keyword : airway, tracheal intubation, bronchofiberscope
  • Perioperative management of nutrition and outcome
    keyword : Insulin resistance, Artificial pancreas, Continuous glucose monitoring
  • CPR during and relief of airway obstruction dental surgery

    keyword : dental surgery, cardiac arrest, airway obstruction
  • Prevention of fentanyl induced cough
    keyword : Fentanyl induced cough
  • frequency characteristics  of pressure-transducer kit, forcusing on the effect of size of the kit, planectas and damping devices

    keyword : frequency characteristics
  • Asymmetric synthesis of (S)ketamine
    keyword : (S)ketamine、Asymmetric synthesis
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • Society for Researchers on Body Fluid and Metabolism
  • Japan Association for Clinical Monitoring
  • Japanese Dental Society of Anesthesiology
Educational Activities
Lectures of Dental Anesthesiology for students.
Anesthetic management during perioperative period.
Publishment of books for medical students and medical resident doctors.
I served as homeroom teacher for students entering in 2014.
Other Educational Activities
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  • 2018.11.
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  • 2014.02.
  • 2013.08.
  • 2013.08, Model lecture for high school student at open Campus. .
  • 2012.12.
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  • 2012.08, Model lecture for high school student at open Campus..
  • 2011.09.
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Professional and Outreach Activities
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) requires immediate start of manual chest compression (MCC) and defibrillation. During dental surgery, CPR could be started in the dental chair considering difficulty to move the patient from the dental chair to the floor. However, all types of dental chairs are not stable for MCC. We developed a procedure to stabilize a dental chair by using a stool. ERC guideline 2015 and 2021 adopted our procedure when cardiac arrest during dental surgery..