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Yuko Ishii Last modified date:2020.10.12

Graduate School

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Literature
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Field of Specialization
Art Studies, Art History
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
I am conducting research on Surrealist Art, focusing on the works by Max Ernst and his Collages. Recently, I completed a research project on Max Ernst's painting Vox Angelica (Flute of Angel) (1943), and conducted research on how the images are displayed in the painting and what effect is generated by its composition with grid structure. I also analyzed it in the context of the New York art scene at the time when Ernst exiled himself in 1942. My present aim is to consider a relationship between Max Ernst's art and his exhibitions between the interwar period, including a significance of 'exhibition' in the surrealist art movement.
Research Interests
  • Theories of Taste and Avant-Garde Art in the UK Between the Two World Wars
    keyword : Art History, United Kingdom, Taste, Avant-Garde Art, Two World Wars
  • A comparative study on creative modifications through the internationalization of Surrealism.
    keyword : Surrealism in Japan, Surrealism in Britain, Herbert Read, Shuzo Takiguchi
  • Max Ernst's Collages
    keyword : Max Ernst, Collages, Vox Angelica, Grid, Mythology
  • Surrealist exhibitions between the interwar period.
    keyword : Surrealism, Exhibitions, Collage
Academic Activities
1. Michael Richardson, Dawn Ades, Steven Harris, Krzysztof Fijalkowski, Georges Sebbag, et al., The International Encyclopedia of Surrealism, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 3 vols, 1,728 pages., 2019.04.
2. Beyond Collage: Producing and Displaying the Works of Max Ernst.
1. Yuko Ishii, Michael Richardson, National Overviews; Japan, The International Encyclopedia of Surrealism, vol. 1., 83-92, 2019.04.
2. Yuko Ishii, Surrealists A-Z; Shuzo Takiguchi, The International Encyclopedia of Surrealism, vol. 3., 301-305, 2019.04.
3. The Road is Wider than Long: Galleries in Cork Street and Surrealism’s Reception in the United Kingdom during the 1930’s.
4. Surrealism and Spectacle : Notes on Phantom/Spectre at the International Surrealist Exhibition in London.
5. Discussion on the juxtaposition of mutually distant objects seen at the International Surrealist Exhibition in London (1936).
6. The painting of 'contradiction' and 'evasion': the reception of Cubism by Andre Breton and Carl Einstein.
1. Yuko ISHII, Exhibiting Surrealism: The Reception of Surrealism in Japan from a Viewpoint of Gallery Space, Surrealisms 2019, the 2nd conference of the International Society for the Study of Surrealism (ISSS), 2019.08.
2. Yuko Ishii, Galleries in Cork Street and the U.K. Reception of Surrealism in the 1930s, 第2回 九州大学女性研究者ダイバーシティシンポジウム, 2019.03.
3. Surrealism on the shell: the international surrealist exhibition in London (1936)..
4. Max Ernst in New York in the early 40's: Max Ernst's 《Vox Angelica》(1943年).
5. Displaying conflicts and/or Collaging images: Max Ernst's Vox Angeilica.
6. Max Ernst’s Vox Angelica: the creating of a ‘new myth’.
Membership in Academic Society
  • International Society for the Study of Surrealism (ISSS)
  • Hiroshima Society for Science of Arts
  • Société franco-japonaise d'art et d'archéologie
  • The Japanese Society for Aesthetics
  • The Japan Art History Society
  • Kyushu Art Society
Educational Activities
Interdisciplinary Collaborative Learning of Social Issues, Kikan-Education Seminar, Introduction to Art Studies and Course for Current Issues Ⅲ as Kikan-Education. History of Western Art, tutorial, and seminars for graduate students of humanities.