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OKA SACHIE Last modified date:2023.05.03

Professor / Study of Educational-Social Planning
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Outline Activities
I have been engaged in the research, education and regional contributing activities concerning social education, lifelong learning, civic education, community education.
While the principle of community formation has reached a serious turning point, and while problems of exhaustion of families and the community and social exclusion have come up, I have been trying to reconsider the existence of an educational system /relationship aimed at a sustainable communal society, especially by reviewing the issues of the setup of communicative space which has spread to common labels as an informal education. Practically, I have been continuously attempting to develop training for municipal officials working in social education and community centers as well as field works where people can observe their own lives carefully.
Research Interests
  • Social education/community education in Japan has focused its research on alternative organaizing of education, but communality and mutual assistance in life have tended to be overlooked. I am investigating future frameworks of the study of community education from the perspective of the rebuilding of cooperative and mutual aid culture. To do that, I forcus my research on informal educator and the places where they work in the inheritance of traditional culture.
    keyword : adult and community education, cooperative, volunteer, life history, culture, space,Lore
Current and Past Project
  • This project is collective research being promoted by 7 researchers on the Study of Adult and Community Education in Kyushu. Regardless of areas which are urban or sparsely populated, we treat the communities as being in critical situations these days, and are investigating the existence of social education which can contribute to the sustainability of and revitalization of generational circulation.
    By setting up model zones in each urban area, mountainous region and island, we are trying to build a new theory framework about the analysis of regional various dynamics and social education through interview research and the analysis of materials.
  • This research is aiming to elucidate the shape of effective referencing in Japan looking at Social Pedagogy and youth work developed in Europe through interchange / discussion with researchers, administrative officials and practitioners from 4 countries including Denmark, Finland, Britain and Ireland. Research (which consisted of overseas training for staff members working for youth work) was conducted in Denmark, Finland, and Britain in 2012/2013. In 2014, we invited 2 youth workers working for the planning and practice of Finnish Youth Work to Japan with whom we discussed during our visit to Europe, and with them, held seminars and training for our staff members in 3 places, such as Sapporo, Tokyo and Kyoto.
  • This research aimed to approach formation of human nature in the daily life of Okinawans and the Ainu from the viewpoints of “nature” and “culture” while focusing on the “hub space” .
    As fruits of this research, it has been discovered that (1)In the research of Okinawan cooperative shops’kyodoten’, we could create a new approach of “what is a cooperative shop?” from the standpoint of physical knowledge, (2) Not only considering cooperative shops from their historical perspective, we could examine the present-day course of this type of cooperation by trying to focus on “the space for talking about collaboration”, (3) To inherit a culture of livelihood, the “hub” could have existed in the presence of the various “spaces” based on the livelihoods and jobs in the community.
  • The movement of training for students as a human resource for community volunteer work has prevailed in departments of education as well as universities. The task of this project was to spread the movement and consider the role of the departments of education and universities in human resource training for communities.
Academic Activities
1. The Japan Society for the Study of Adult and Community Education, ”Creating the Value of Social Education for Community Development”(Toyokanshuppansha,2019).
2. Dynamics of Community-based Learning for Social Revitalization.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Japan Society for the Study of Adult and Community Education
  • Kyushu Association of Education
  • The Japanese Society of Life Needs Experience Learning
  • Japan Association for Cultual Economics
  • Japan Academic Association of Socio-education and Seavice Learning
  • Japanese Research Association for Community Development
  • The Japan Society for Studys of Voluntary Activities
  • The Japan Society for the Study of Education
Educational Activities
Other Educational Activities
  • 2019.06.
Professional and Outreach Activities
At the university, I am involved in the operation of the training sessions for the director of social education (Venue; Kyushu University) co-hosted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Kyushu University as a chief lecturer. Furthermore, I have been supporting the training of leaders and practical activities in communities concerning social education. Otherwise, I have a relationship with community practice in the areas of coproduction / participation, for instance, I am engaged in 2 NPOs as a commissioner.
As an activity for international alliance, I have been conducting a research-interchange seminar, which will be held alternately by each university based on interchange agreements between the Department of Education, Kyushu University, and Kongju National University, South Korea. All members of our laboratory have been engaged in a mission composed of about 15 researchers from South Korea at a time.
Moreover, our own interchange activities between two laboratories of the social/kifelomg education have become more activated. An interchange meeting was held in South Korea in Oct. 2013 and in Japan in Jan. 2015..