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OCHIAI HIROYUKI Last modified date:2024.05.02

Professor / Division of Fundamental mathematics / Institute of Mathematics for Industry

1. Hiroyuki Ochiai, Fractional differential equations and symmetry, Colloquium, 2023.07.
2. Hiroyuki Ochiai, Divergent series and summation formula, Freshmen math seminar, 2023.05.
3. Hiroyuki Ochiai, A non-holonomic D-module with infinite-dimensional solutions, workshop "D-modules and hyperplane arrangements",, 2023.02.
4. Hiroyuki Ochiai, Math meets CG, IPMU Colloquium, 2023.02.
5. Hiroyuki Ochiai, Ken Anjyo, Opening the black box of mathematics for CG, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2021, 2021.12.
6. Hiroyuki Ochiai, An absolute version of Hasse zeta functions, Riemann-Roch in characteristic one and related topics, 2019.10.
7. Hiroyuki Ochiai, Nilpotent orbits in complex simple Lie algebras and prehomogeneous vector spaces, 研究集会 ``Representation theory of reductive Lie groups and algebras'', 2019.03.
8. Hiroyuki Ochiai, Making a bridge between Ibukiyama and Kobayashi, 第20回整数論オータムワークショップ, 2017.09.
9. Hiroyuki Ochiai, Zeros of Eulerian polynomials, Various Aspects of Multiple Zeta Functions, 2017.08.
10. Hiroyuki Ochiai, Ken Anjyo and Ayumi Kimura, An Elementary Introduction to Matrix Exponential for CG, SIGGRAPH, 2016.07.
11. Hiroyuki Ochiai, Covariant differential operators and Heckman-Opdam hypergeometric systems, International Conference for Korean Mathematical Society 70th Anniversary,, 2016.10, 保形形式に作用する共変な微分作用素を多変数の場合に超幾何関数を用いて記述した。.
12. Ken Anjyo, Hiroyuki Ochiai, An Introduction to Matrix Exponential for CG, 2016.02.
13. Hiroyuki Ochiai, Ken Anjyo, An Introduction to Matrix Exponential for CG, 2016.02.
14. 落合 啓之, Covariant differential operators and Heckman–Opdam hypergeometric systems, Analytic Representation Theory of Lie Groups, 2015.07.
15. 落合 啓之, Computer graphics and mathematics, Computational and Geometric Approaches for Nonlinear Phenomena, 2015.08.
16. Ken Anjyo, Hiroyuki Ochiai, Mathematical basics of motion and deformation in computer graphics, ACM SIGGRAPH, 2014.08, This is a course lecture on mathematical basics to graphics community.
17. OCHIAI HIROYUKI, Alpha-determinant for rank-two matrices, International Conference on Geometry, Number Theory and Representation Theory, 2012.10.
18. OCHIAI HIROYUKI, Double flag variety for a symmetric pair and spherical actions, Summer School and Workshop on Representation Theory and Harmonic Analysis, 2012.06.
19. OCHIAI HIROYUKI, Double flag variety for a symmetric pair and finiteness of orbits, Representation Theory of Chevalley Groups and Related Topics, 2012.03.
20. OCHIAI HIROYUKI, Positivity of alpha determinant, Geometrci Analysis on Euclidean Homogeneous Spaces, 2012.01.
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23. 2/17と2/19 の2コマの連続講演.
24. 12/14 と 12/16 の2コマの連続講演.
25. Higher Mahler measures.
26. Separation of variables.
27. An algebraic transformation of Gauss hypergeometric function.
28. OCHIAI HIROYUKI, Positivity of an alpha determinant, Analysis, Geometry and Group Representations for Homogeneous Spaces, 2010.11.
29. 落合 啓之, アルファ行列式の正値性について, RIMS 研究集会「等質空間と非可換調和解析」, 2010.06.
30. OCHIAI HIROYUKI, Invariant hyperfunctions on some semisimple symmetric space, International conference on representation theory and harmonic analysis, 2010.06.