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ANDREW ROBERTSON Last modified date:2023.06.26

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Academic Degree
BSc(HONS) Chemistry with Computer-Aided Chemistry, PhD Minimal Self-Replicating Systems (Supramolecular Chemistry)
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Field of Specialization
Systems Chemistry
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
I teach basic chemistry for all first year undergraduate students, general chemistry to selected first year students, chemistry laboratory skills, technical writing and presentations and engineering ethics and science English for non-native speakers. I also teach advanced technical communication to post-graduate students.

My research interests are: 1) On the use of YouTube edutainment to engage and educate a wide audience on concepts in chemistry, science and life, and 2) the ability for simple chemical systems to process complex information. To this end, I am producing a chemical computer based on simple compounds and intend to evolve this work to the spontaneous generation of living systems from simple compounds.

I practice aikido and am a member of a local social group for fathers.
Research Interests
  • Increasing Engagement by pairing edutainment with educational skills videos.
    keyword : outreach
  • Systems chemistry — simple compounds processing complex information.
    keyword : systems chemistry flow chemistry chemical computer origins of life
Current and Past Project
  • To investigate whether pairing academic skills videos with edutainment videos will increase student engagement.
  • I use non-linear reactions to process logic functions in a digital manner. For instance, pH above a certain level corresponds to a 1, while below that value corresponds to a 0. Having produced a NAND gate, I intend to proceed to a more complex assembly to perform a computation.
Academic Activities
Works, Software and Database
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34. This video follows the process of choosing topics and a running order for a presentation.
35. This video contains a sketch where scientist has to explain the concept of Three Twentysix to a madman.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Society for Engineering Education
Educational Activities
Basic chemistry, General Chemistry, Chemistry laboratory skills, Engineering ethics, technical writing and presentations, Science English for non-native speakers, and Laboratory Advanced technical communication for postgraduates. I also use my YouTube channel, 'Three Twentysix' to educate students and the general public about topics related to chemistry, science and life.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2022.06, My educational chemistry YouTube channel, Three Twentysix, now has over 870 subscribers, over 24,000 views in total. One of my videos has nearly 5000 views, with five videos getting over 1000 views. My channel reaches over 50 countries, with many viewers in countries with low Human Development Index, such as India, Phillipines, South Africa and Vietnam. I took four students for a summer project investigating, videoing and publishing videos on the chemistry of crystals. The students learned many aspects of project planning, practical and theoretical chemistry as they produced final videos for this project. One of the videos is my most successful so far, with nearly 5000 views on YouTube.Their work earned them each a course credit..
  • 2021.12, I created a new chemistry educational YouTube channel, Three Twentysix, which has got engagement from Canada, USA, UK, as well as Japan. The channel is still new, but it has engaged with non-scientists as well as scientists and school children as well as adults..
  • 2010.08, From 2005 to the present, several of my presentation class students have won awards for presentations in English at international conferences, despite not being native speakers..
Professional and Outreach Activities
My current research project involves making regular videos to enhance the public understanding of chemistry and science in general..