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Jiro HASUMI Last modified date:2022.05.27

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Philosophy
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Yes Doctor
Field of Specialization
Political Theory, Citizenship Education, Political Corruption, Language Education Policy
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
My research interest is in contemporary normative political theory, particularly theories of citizenship and language education policy and political corruption.
I am offering undergraduate and graduate courses on politics (political theory) in School and Graduate School of Law, courses on political theory in the CSPA (Comparative Studies of Politics and Public Administration in Asia) Programme, Graduate School of Law, and General Education Programme as well as a Graduate General Education Corse and a Teacher Training Course.
I am also giving lectures on Japanese politics, citizenship education and debate education for citizens and students outside the university.
Research Interests
  • Political Theory, Citizenship Education
    keyword : Political Theory, Philosophy of Education, Citizenship Education, Language Education Policy, Political Corruption
Current and Past Project
  • In Searh of a Contemporary Republican Theory of Education: With Particular Reference to Citizenship Education (Grant-in-Aid (C); PI: HASUMI, Jiro)
  • An International Comparative Study on the Effects of Citizenship Education in School (Grant-in-Aid (A), PI: IKENO Norio, Hiroshima University)
  • A Theoretical and Practical Study of Citizenship Education in the Virtual World
Academic Activities
1. HASUMI, J., 'Political Corruption,' Koga Keita (ed.), Historical Development of Political Concepts, Vol. 6, Kyoto: Koyo Shobo, 2013, pp.242-267.
2. HASUMI, J., 'Citizenship Education: "The Crick Report," S. Okazaki and M. Kimura (eds.) Introduction to Politics, Kyoto: Minerva Shobo, 2008, pp.240-250.
3. Bell, D. A., East Meets West: Human Rights and Democracy in East Asia, (T. SE and J. HASUMI (tr.)) Tokyo: Fukosha, 2006.
1. HASUMI, J., 'Five questions to be asked with a citizenship education practice: A dialogue with Kevin I. Mathews,' Japan-UK Education Forum, 21, 2017, pp.29-35.
2. HASUMI., J., 'Language education as society building for living together: CEFR, intercultural understanding and democratic citizenship,' A Study of Fostering Plurilingual and Pluricultural Competence through Combined Foreign Language Education, Research Report of Grant-in-Aid (A) 2012-2014 (PI: SAKAI Kazumi), pp.204-223.
3. HASUMI Jiro, [Book Review] 'Rethinking Citizenship Education: A Curriculum for Participatory Democracy', Citizenship Teacing & Learning, 7(3), 2012, pp.326-328, 2012.08.
1. HASUMI, J., 'Political education and citizenship education in England,' Study of Political Thought, 15, pp.97-125, 2015.05..
2. HASUMI, J., 'Citizenship education as social building,' Journal of Law and Politics, 79(3), pp.892-914, 2012.12.
3. HASUMI, J., A Critical Examination of the Aims of Political Education as Constituent Part of Citizenship Education: With Particular Reference to the Contemporary Policies of England and Japan, unpublished PhD Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, 283pages, 2008.01.
1. HASUMI, Jiro, Inclusions and Excluskons by Plurilingualism and Pluriculturalism, International Conference on Multicultural Democracy, 2018.05.
2. HASUMI, J. 'A Normative theory of the voting age and its implication for voter education with reference to the citizenship theory' Kyushu Law Association the 121st Annual Conference (Kurume University, Kurume)、2016.06.26.
3. HASUMI, J. 'Language education policy in Europe and citizenship education: Its concept of democratic citizenship,' Institute for Political Science (Hakozaki Campus, Kyushu University, Fukuoka), 15.May.2015.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Political Science Association
  • Japanese Association for Citizenship Education
  • Public Policy Studies Association Japan
  • National Association for the Study of Educational Methods
  • Japanese Educational Research Association
  • The Japanese Association for Civic Education
  • The Japanese Conference of the Study of Political Thought
  • Overseas Student Bursary (Cambridge Overseas Trust)
  • Overseas Research Student (ORS) Award (Universities UK)
  • Special Prince of Wales (Cable & Wireless) Chevening Cambridge Bursary (Cambridge Overseas Trust)
Educational Activities
Spring/Summer Semester: Contemporary Japanese Politics (JTW, General Education Programme), Politics and Politics Seminar (School of Law), and Political Studies II (Graduate School of Law).
Autumn/Winter Semester: Politics Seminar (School of Law), Political Theory (CSPA, Graduate School of Law), and Pedagogy of Social Studies I.
From autumn to Summer: Politics and Public Policy courses and Thesis Workshop (CSPA, Graduate School of Law).
Professional and Outreach Activities
I am giving lectures on politics, Japanese politics, citizenship education and debate education for students and citizens.