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Atsushi Tero Last modified date:2024.06.03

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Field of Specialization
Applied Math
Research Interests
  • Primitive intelligence for space and time with true slime mold
    keyword : mathematical modelling, adaptive network, true slime mold
  • Behavior control by resonance of periodic behavior and internal state
    keyword : mathematical modelling, oscillator, Behavior control
Current and Past Project
  • This research aims is to study the intelligence of true slime mold. The experiment has shown having the ability to solve a maze to slime mold, or to discover the optimal network, or to memorize a time interval and to take prediction action in recent years. By expressing action of this slime mold with a model equation, and reappearing on a computer, this research understands the intellect of a protist and investigates the origin of the intellect of a living thing.
  • A living thing carries out periodic operation of a walk etc. These have various influences on the internal state of a living thing, and serve as a periodic stimulus. As a result, the hidden cycle in the living body is revealed, and the behavior control of a living thing is affected. In this research, I would like to understands task execution of a living thing by the numerical value and system experiment paying attention to resonance of periodic operation and an internal state.
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology
  • Comparison of the transportation network of true slime mold and the network of human railway network