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Yoshioka Tamaki Last modified date:2023.11.22

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Field of Specialization
Experimental Particle Physics
Outline Activities
1, R&D for electron-positoron linear collider: Optimization of Electromagnetic Calorimeter using Si sensor.
2, Fundamental physics using low energy neutron: Search for T-violation via compound nuclei, search for unknown short range force using small angle neutron scattering and precise measurement of neutron lifetime.
3, Experimental particle physics using muon: Search for muon-e conversion , and precise measurement of muon g-2/EDM.
Research Interests
  • Experimental Particle Physics
    keyword : ILC, fundamental physics using low energy neutron and muon
Academic Activities
1. 吉岡瑞樹, Muon g-2/EDM experiment at J-PARC, 日本物理学会第76回年次大会, 2023.06, ミュー粒子の異常磁気能率は、先行研究の測定値と素粒子標準模型の計算値の間にに4標準偏差の差が見られており、当該分野において大きな問題となっている。本講演ではミュー粒子の異常磁気能率を先行研究とは異なる手法で高精度測定を試みる新規実験について紹介する。.
2. 吉岡瑞樹, Positron Tracking Detector for Muon g-2/EDM Experiment at J-PARC, The 3rd J-PARC Symposium, 2019.09.