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Hideaki IRIE Last modified date:2023.08.04

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

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Academic Degree
Doctor in Law (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Sociology of Law, Conflict Management
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
I'm doing research on mediation. The main research topics are as follows. Principles and techniques of mediation, the issues relating to mediator training. Issues relating to the management of private mediation organization. Promotional agenda of private mediation (the ADR Act, etc.).
Research Interests
  • Studing on the theory and practice of mediation.
    Especially on
    - Mediation skills
    - Teaching methods on mediation skills
    - Research on activity of private mediation sector
    - Historical study on system of mediation
    keyword : mediation, conflict managment, ADR
Academic Activities
1. Case conference for mediation.
2. Ideology of Mediation - Embracing the Custom-made Approach.
1. Hideaki Irie, ADR in Japan: Discussion on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Compensation Scheme, Symposium Extra-judicial Dispute Resolution in Germany and Japan (30th Anniversary of the Department of Japanese Law, University of Hagen), 2021.10.
2. Hideaki Irie, Designing National ADR Ecosystem, Asia Law and Society, 2019.12.
3. 入江秀晃, Post Disaster Mediation Programs in Japan:Bar Association based projects of 2016 Kumamoto and 2018 Hiroshima, Law and society, 2019.05.
4. Hideaki Irie, Mediation training in Japan - Toward Authentic Dialogue and Reflection, Asia Law and Society, 2017.12.
5. Hideaki Irie, Setting up user-friendly dispute resolution process just after earthquake: lessons and challenges of the special mediation program for the Kumamoto Earthquakes of 2016, Law and Society, 2017.06.
6. Hideaki Irie, Beyond Armchair Dispute Resolution discussion: An empirical study on private dispute resolution in Japan, Law and Society, 2016.06.
7. Hideaki IRIE, Analysis on Evaluation of ADR Process by Dispute Type, The 4th East Asian Law and Society Conference, 2015.08.
8. Hideaki IRIE, Benefits of private resolution practices- An Japanese research, Law and Society, 2015.05.
9. An empirical study on private mediation.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Association of Sociology of Law
  • Japan Association of the Law of Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Educational Activities
Conflict management and mediation skill,
Seminar for conflict management,
and Introduction of conflict management.