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Kobayashi Toshiya Last modified date:2024.06.03

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering), Master of Arts and Science
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Science and Technology Policy Study,Science, technology and society
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Research on measures to activate science communication at research institutes such as domestic universities
    keyword : Scientific communication, Research ethics, Graduate school education
  • SciREX Co-Evolution Project "Survey and Analysis on Configuration Requirements of Innovation Ecosystem"
    keyword : Innovation Ecosystem,Co-Evolution
  • Center of Coevolutionary Research for Sustainable Communities Innovation Unit CSTIPS
    keyword : Science communication,Social implementation
  • •Development of the case-based-reasoning system which supports a regional science and technology policy
    keyword : Regional Science and Technology policy, Case-based-reasoning
  • Education of Science ethics by Scientific Communication
    keyword : Science ethics,Scientific Communication
  • Research of the research institution personnel's requirements for outreach skill improvement
    keyword : Outreach,Sceiece Communication
Academic Activities
1. Kobayashi Toshiya, Yoshiteru Nakamori, Andrzej P.Wierzbicki, Creative Environment-Issues of Creativity Support for the Knowledge Civilization Age Management of Technology in Academic Research 14, 2007.12.
1. Toshiya Kobayashi, THINKING AHEAD -Program helps research students assess a new technology's impact as part of the curriculum, Nikkei Asian Review Nikkei Inc., 2015.12, [URL].
1. Kobayashi Toshiya, Saburo Ogata, Possibility for the application of publications analysis to evaluation of research institutes
, JOURNAL OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY National Institute of Telecommunications , 4, 59-62, 2007.12.
Works, Software and Database
1. .
1. Toshiya Kobayashi, The Relationship between Japanese Researchers' Orientation toward Science Communication and Research Ethics: The Case of Kyushu University, SPT2023:Technology and Mobility, 2023.06, In Japan, a serious case of research misconduct, the STAP cell issue, occurred in 2014. As a result, public trust in scientists in Japan was seriously damaged. The Science Council of Japan suggested that dialogue between scientists and the public should be activated in order to enhance the research ethics of scientists. Therefore, I surveyed the affinity between scientific communication and the sense of research ethics among scientists affiliated with Kyushu University using a questionnaire. The results I report..
2. Toshiya Kobayashi Akio Nagahira, Role of Public Relations Staff in Collecting Social Needs of Universities and Other Research Institutions, 2017 International Conference on Business and Information, 2017.07, In 2004, the Japanese government policy gave the domestic university the third mission following education and research. That is social contribution. Social contribution means that the universities endeavor to solve such issues that Japanese society is facing as environmental issues, energy issues, aging society, advancement in industries and so on through their research functions. This requires the researchers in the universities in Japan to conduct studies that address these social needs. In order for the Japanese universities to smoothly promote such social contribution, it is necessary that the universities systematically collect information regarding the current social needs. It thus requires clarifying the means by which the public relations department in the universities carries out their tasks as their duty is to publicly communicate with society representing the universities. In this study, a questionnaire survey was conducted targeting 150 universities in Japan and 93 replies were analyzed in an effort to clarify the situation regarding the above theme..
3. Toshiya Kobayashi, Investigation of Social Needs through Science and Technology Communication, International Conference on Engineering and Technology 2016, 2016.10, Currently in Japan, in addition to the traditional mission of education and research at universities, importance has been placed on social contribution. In order for universities to promote social contribution, it is necessary for the needs of society to be appropriately collected. How are the needs of society collected by Japanese University organizations? Japan's Universities are reinforcing science and technology communications at the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan, which was approved by the Cabinet on January 22 of this year, and it was specified that exchanges with society should be promoted. In the activities being conducted by Universities for science and technology communications, collection of the needs of society is being promoted. In this report, from the results of the questionnaire survey conducted at universities and other research organizations, focus will be placed on the actual circumstances surveyed and analyzed and the results will be reported..
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Association for Science Communication
  • Japan Association for management Systems
  • The Japan Society for Reserch Policy and Innovation Management
  • Japanese Society for Science and Technology Studies
  • Japan Economic Policy Association
Other Educational Activities
  • 2018.12.