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Jumpei Arata Last modified date:2024.04.18

Professor / Biomechanical Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School
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Advanced Medical Devices Laboratory
Advanced Medical Devices Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering. .
Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Robotics, Medical robot, Soft robotics, Parallel mechanism, Haptics
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
He is working on education and research in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University, as a Professor.
Research Interests
  • My research interests are soft robotics, parallel mechanisms, haptic device for the application in medical field such as surgical device and rehabilitation robots.
    keyword : Surgical robot, Soft robotics, Parallel mechanism, Haptic device
Academic Activities
1. Jongseung Lee, Nobutaka Mukae, Jumpei Arata, Koji Iihara, Makoto Hashizume, , Comparison of Feature Vector Compositions to Enhance the Performance of NIRS-BCI-triggered Robotic Hand Orthosis for Post-stroke Motor Recovery, MDPI Applied Sciences,, 9, 18, 3845, 2019.09.
2. Jumpei Arata, Tatsuya Nitta, Toshiki Nakatsuka, Tomonori Kawabata, Tadao Matsunaga, Yoichi Haga, Kanako Harada, Mamoru Mitsuishi, Modular Optic Force Sensor for a Surgical Device using a Fabry-Perot Interferometer, MDPI Applied Sciences,, 9, 17, 3454, 2019.08.
3. Jumpei Arata, Kazuo Kiguchi, Masashi Hattori, Masamichi Sakaguchi, Ryu Nakadate, Susumu Oguri, Makoto Hashizume, A Microsurgical Robotic System that Induces a Multisensory Illusion, Int J Humanoid Robotics, Vol.13(4), 1650018, 2016., 1238-1242, 2016.06.
4. Jumpei Arata, Yasunori Tada, Hiroaki Kozuka, Tomohiro Wada, Yoshitaka Saito, Norio Ikedo, Yuichiro Hayashi, Masazumi Fujii, Yasukazu Kajita, Masaaki Mizuno, Toshihiko Wakabayashi, Jun Yoshida, Hideo Fujimoto, Neurosurgical robotic system for brain tumor removal, Int J CARS, Vol.6(3), pp375-385, DOI: 10.1007/s11548-010-0514-8, 2011., 6, 3, 375-385, 2011.05.
5. Jumpei Arata, Hiroyuki Kondo, Norio Ikedo, Hideo Fujimoto, Haptic Device using a newly developed Redundant Parallel Mechanism, IEEE Trans. on Robotics, Vol.27(2), pp.201-214, 2011., 27, 2, 201-214, 2011.04.
1. Jumpei Arata, Yuki Kamura, Susumu Oguri, Ryu Nakadate, Kazuo Kiguchi, Makoto Hashizume, Multi-DOF Robotic Forceps for Laparoscopy using in-frame spring mechanism, The 6th International Conference on Advanced Mechatronics (ICAM2015), 2015.12.
2. Jumpei Arata, Kazunari Fukami, Susumu Oguri, Tetsuo Ikeda, Ryu Nakadate, Shinya Onogi, Tomohiko Akahoshi, Kanako Harada, Mamoru Mitsuishi, Masamichi Sakaguchi, Makoto Hashizume, Multi-Degrees of Freedom Robotic tool with Remote Center of Motion for Laparoscopic
Ultrasound Scan -Mechanical Structure and its Evaluation, The 6th International Conference on Advanced Mechatronics (ICAM2015), 2015.12.
3. Jumpei Arata, Robot-Assisted Assessment and Therapy of Hand Function, The 14th edition of the IEEE/RAS-EMBS International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR 2015), 2015.08, There is a need and potential for complementing and extending conventional rehabilitation with robotic therapy and long-term assistance of hand function. While there have been numerous developments and clinical studies with robot-assisted gait and arm rehabilitation systems over the past two decades, few are those focusing on hand and finger function. This is likely due to the high complexity, small size and anthropometric variability of the hand. Devices to train and assist hand function should address both motor and sensory components, and allow for online assessments of impairment to adjust therapy intensity and the level of assistance to the individual patient. Furthermore, due to the slow recovery of hand function, portable and wearable solutions for assistance and therapy in the home environment must be explored. This workshop therefore aims to:
•Review neurophysiological mechanisms of hand sensorimotor control and their implications for recovery.
•Discuss challenges for robot-assisted therapy and assessment of hand function in the clinic and in the home environment.
•Provide an overview of state-of-the-art (robotic) devices for assessment, therapy and long-term assistance of hand and finger function, and discuss future directions.
•Present evidence from recent clinical trials.
•Bring together a group of experts from the different fields of neurorehabilitation
4. Susumu Oguri, Jumpei Arata, Tetsuo Ikeda, Ryu Nakadate, Shinya Onogi, Tomohiko Akahoshi, Kanako Harada, Mamoru Mitsuishi, Makoto Hashizume, Hand held manipulator that can robustly perform ultrasound scan in laparoscopic surgery, The 11th Anniversary Asian Conference on Computer Aided Surgery (ACCAS2015), 2015.07.
5. Jumpei Arata, Keiichi Ohmoto, Roger Gassert, Olivier Lambercy, Hideo Fujimoto Ikuo Wada, A new hand exoskeleton device for rehabilitation using three-layered sliding spring mechanism, Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2013, 2013.05.
Membership in Academic Society
  • IEEE, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
  • The Society of Instruments and Control Engineers
  • The Robotics Society of Japan
  • IEEE, Robotics and Automation Society
  • The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery
  • Best paper award from Robotic Society Japan, 2014.
  • Best paper award from Robotic Society Japan, 2012.
  • Best Paper Award (Excellent Clinical Case Award) from the Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery, 2010.
  • Best Paper Award (Medical Award) from the Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery, 2008.
  • Young Investigator Award in Asian Conference on Computer Aided Surgery, 2007
  • Excellent Presentation Award from the 8th SICE System Integration Division Annual Conference, 2007.
Educational Activities
As educational activities, he is giving the lectures on Mechanics (Bc), Mechanics (IUPE), Basic Bioengineering (Bc), Advanced Bioengineering (Mc), Life Science I (Mc), and Advanced Medical Devices (Mc).
Professional and Outreach Activities
Collaborating with ETH Zurich with a grant: Strategic Japanese-Swiss Cooperative Research Program on‘‘Medicine for an Aging Society’’, Cortically-triggered robotic hand orthosis for home-based therapy and assistance in activities of daily living, August 2013-March 2017.
Demonstration of Robotic medical devices at Medtech.
Public open lecture regarding Medical robotics in the project ImPACT, JST..