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Shigeto Yamasaki Last modified date:2022.11.02

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Dr. Eng.
Field of Specialization
Research Interests
  • High temperature deformation of metals and alloys
    keyword : creep, Portevin-LeChatelier Effect
Academic Activities
1. Shigeto Yamasaki, Tsubasa Tokuzumi Wansong Li, Masatoshi Mitsuhara, Koji Hagihara, Toshiyuki Fujii, Hideharu Nakashima, Kink Formation Process in Long-Period Stacking Ordered Mg-Zn-Y Alloy, Acta Materialia,, 195, 15, 25-34, 2020.08.
2. Shigeto Yamasaki, Tomo Okuhira, Masatoshi Mitsuhara, Hideharu Nakashima, Jun Kusui, Mitsuru Adachi, Effect of Fe addition on heat-resistant aluminum alloys produced by selective laser melting, Metals, 10.3390/met9040468, 9, 4, 2019.04.
3. Shigeto Yamasaki, Masatoshi Mitsuhara, Hideharu Nakashima, Development of high-chromium ferritic heat-resistant steels with high nitrogen content, isij international, 10.2355/isijinternational.ISIJINT-2017-758, 58, 6, 1146-1154, 2018.01.
4. Shigeto Yamasaki, Masatoshi Mitsuhara, Hideharu Nakashima, Deformation microstructure and fracture behavior in creep-exposed Alloy 617, Materials Transactions, 10.2320/matertrans.M2016407, 58, 3, 442-449, 2017.01.
5. Shigeto Yamasaki, Masatoshi Mitsuhara, Hideharu Nakashima, Mitsuharu Yonemura, Evaluation of local creep strain in face-centred cubic heatresistant alloys using electron backscattered diffraction analysis, isij international, 10.2355/isijinternational.ISIJINT-2016-712, 57, 5, 851-856, 2017.01.
6. S. Yamasaki, M. Mitsuhara, K. Ikeda, S. Hata, H. Nakashima, 3D visualization of dislocation arrangement using scanning electron microscope serial sectioning method, Scripta Materialia, 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2015.02.001, 101, 80-83, 2015.05.
7. Shigeto Yamasaki, Masatoshi Mitsuhara, Ken Ichi Ikeda, Satoshi Hata, Hideharu Nakashima, Low-stress creep deformation in long-term aged ferritic heat-resistant steel, Materials Transactions, 10.2320/matertrans.M2013427, 55, 5, 842-849, 2014.05.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Japan Institute of Light Metals
  • The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials
  • The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan