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SHIORI YONEMOTO Last modified date:2022.06.04

Assistant Professor / アジア埋蔵文化財研究センター
The Kyushu University Museum

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Academic Degree
Ph.D.  The Kyushu University
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Research Interests
  • Creation and analysis of 3D data of ancient human bones, and publication of the data
    keyword : 3D, Human skeletal remains
  • Preservation and utilization of ancient human bone materials
    keyword : human skeletal remains
  • Reconstruction of social organization from diversity in subsistence economy and life-styles
    keyword : Musculoskeletal stress markers(MSMs),Entheseal changes(EC), Social inequality、Subsistence economies, lIfe-styles
Academic Activities
1. Shiori Yonemoto, Musculoskeletal stress markers, Weily and Blackwell, 2018.10.
1. SHIORI YONEMOTO, Differences in the effects of age on the development of entheseal changes among historical Japanese populations, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 10.1002/ajpa.22870, 2015.09.
1. 米元 史織, Reconstructing the hierarchy of society in Edo-period Japan from entheseal changes

, Working your fingers to the bone. An interdisciplinary conference on identifying occupation from the skeleton, 2016.07.
2. 米元 史織, Differences in the effects of age and sex on MSM development among historic Japanese populations, Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, 2014.04.
3. 米元 史織, Reconstruction of ordinary Samurai’s life-style from MSMs, Worldwide Conference of the Society for East Asian Archaeology, 2012.06.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Archaeological Association
  • The Anthropological Society of Nippon