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Inamura Tokushu Last modified date:2022.04.06

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
QREC リーンスタートアップ演習、グローバルPBL
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Academic Degree
Imperial College London + Royal College of ART Double Masters, Innovation Design Engineering MA MSc DIC, Massey University Grad.Dip. Design in Industrial Design, University of Auckland BE Mechanical Engineering in Mechatronics
Field of Specialization
innovation, design engineering, design thinking, post human-centered design
Outline Activities
Research Area: Innovation, Design engineering, Post Human Centered Design

Noted Global engagements till now:
-Royal College of Art (UK) Joint Research, Exhibition planning, co-authored paper writing
-Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
-Aalto University
-National Cheng Kung University
-KAIST(South Korea ) Joint project for student exchange and academic exchange.
-Stanford university academic exchange and student exchange (VIA programs)

Cross Departmental
ーQREC Strategic Design Thinking
ーGlobal PBL

Design Thinking, Design Engineering, Interaction Design

Undergraduate: Main appointments (Art and Information Design , Design Futures) , sub appointments (Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation)
Post Graduate:Main appointment (Design Strategy) , sub appointment (QREC)
Research Interests
  • Design Research into personhood of ecosystems
    keyword : personhood, design studies,post human-centred
  • Research of the creative process that mergers the fields of Design and Engineering as design engineering.
    keyword : design thinking, design engineering, sustainability, innovation
Academic Activities
  • Jury Prize
    Design Workshop 2015, Fukuoka Japan
Educational Activities
Design Materiality, Design Thinking, Design Engineering Classes: Undergraduate: Start-ups and Global Disruptors, Global Design Innovations、Design Pitching Skills、Intellectual Property Rights : Global Perspective,, Art and Information Design Total Project, Art and Information Design Project, Global Design Project, Design thinking ,Design Thinking Process Post Graduate: Strategic Architects Project, Strategic Experience Project, Lean Startup
Other Educational Activities
  • 2018.09.
  • 2018.11.
  • 2019.02.
  • 2019.09.
  • 2019.11.
  • 2020.02.
  • 2018.09, “Digital Fabrication – Code, Machine, Hand – Exhibition and Review ‘Recursion’” was held from September 18 to September 21, 2018 at the Design Commons, as the outcome from the digtal fabrication paper.
  • 2018.07, Humanitarian Innovation and Design with Royal College of Art, Global Innovation Design Open Lecture.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Overseas workshops conducted with: Royal College of Art, KAIST, Imperial College London, Aalto University, NCKU, HvA

Joined and Helped plan for the Global Goals Jam 2016 ー2020
A multiday workshop to work toward the Sustaianable Development Goals, set by the UN.