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QIANG CHEN Last modified date:2022.11.08

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Center for International Engineering Education .
Academic Degree
PhD in Materials Science
Field of Specialization
Fatigue and Fracture, Strength of Materials
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Current researches include characterizing the fatigue behavior of high strength Mg and Ti alloys in such a way that the relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties will be elucidated at all scales especially from microscopic to atomic scale.

Keywords: Fatigue and Fracture, Very High Cycle Fatigue, Relation between Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior, LPSO Mg Alloys, Ti Alloys, Fatigue in MEMS/BioMEMS, In-Situ TEM/STEM Analysis
Research Interests
  • Bismuth Titanate-based high temperature piezoceramics: domain structure and polarization dynamics
    keyword : Bismuth, Titanate-based, piezoceramics, domain structure, polarization dynamics
  • Characterization of Crack Nucleation in Titanium Alloys with Metastable Microstructures
    keyword : Titanium Alloys, Ultra-high Cycle, Fatigue, Ultra-slow Crack Growth
  • Ultra-high Cycle Fatigue Characterization and Ultra-slow Crack Growth of Titanium Alloys
    keyword : Titanium Alloys, Ultra-high Cycle, Fatigue, Ultra-slow Crack Growth
  • Tensile and Fatigue Behavior of Electron Beam Welded TC17 Titanium Alloy Joint
    keyword : Tention, Fatigue, Ti Alloy, Small Crack, Crack Nucleation, Crack Propagation, Fracture
  • Very High Cycle Fatigue of Super Light High Strength Mg Alloys
    keyword : Fatigue, Mg Alloy, Small Crack, Crack Nucleation, Crack Propagation, Fracture
  • Mechanical Characterization of Parylene C Thin Films
    keyword : Parylene C, Thin Film, Mechanical Properties, Size Effect
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • The Minerals Metals & Materials Society
  • Materials Research Society
  • The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
  • The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Educational Activities
Current educational activities include (1) instruction for both postgraduate and undergraduate students, (2) teaching courses in English such as
Drawings on Technical Design, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Drawing and Design, Strength of Materials, Advanced Material Strength, Seminar in Material Strength, Communication for Mechanical Engineering, and (3) developing and management of inbound and outbound global study programs.