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Hiroko Ikuta Last modified date:2019.07.22

Associate Professor / The International Student Center

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Field of Specialization
Anthropology、Arctic Studies
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
I am a social/cultural anthropologist specializing peoples in the Arctic. I lived in Alaska, USA for 18 years in total. My Ph.D. research explored the nature and structure of Inuit/Eskimo people's aethetic forms of expression, language endangerment, relations to the environment, their traditionality, and the meanings of tradition wrought by political, exonomic, and historical events in the Arctic. After completing a postodoctral fellowship at the Institute of Arctic Studies, Dartmouth College in the U.S., I went back to Alaska and became a senior social scientist at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Subsistence, a state government research agency in the U.S. As a social scientist, I was a principle investigator for numerous research projects about subsistence hunting and fishing, regional sustainability, wildlife management, and indigenous cultures and tradition. I was also responsible for negotiating regulatory issues with the federal and tribal govenments as a representative of the state government. My current research interest is regional sustainability and sustainable development in the Arctic.
Research Interests
  • Regional sustainability and sustainbale development in the Arctic
    keyword : Arctic, Alaska, Eskimo/Inuit, subsistence hunting/fishing, culture & tradition, natural resrouce development
  • Subsistence fishing and hunting among Native peoples in Alaska, USA
    keyword : Arctic, Alaska, Eskimo/Inuit, Subsistence hunting &fishing, natural resource management, regional sustainability
  • Expressive culture and endangered languages in Alaska: Case studies of Inupiat and St. Lawrence Island Yupik
    keyword : Arctic, Alaska, Eskimo/Inuit, endangered Native languages, Eskimo dance, cultural politics
Current and Past Project
  • Research on subsistence fishing and hunting in Alaska, USA.
Academic Activities
1. 生田 博子, アラスカ北極圏での生存漁労・狩猟経済における北極鯨漁の役割と重要性, 捕鯨と倫理, 2018.12, 生存漁労と生存狩猟は、アラスカ辺境地域経済の主な特徴である。アラスカの北極圏に暮らす人々は、年間4,657トン以上の野生動物や魚類を収穫し、その金銭的価値は、およそ8,200万ドルに相当する。2012年から2015年にかけて、私はアラスカ州政府研究機関の研究責任者の一人として、アラスカのノーススロープに6つある捕鯨を行う市町村のうち5つの市町村で生存漁労・狩猟に関する包括的調査に参加した。これらのプロジェクトでは、それぞれの市町村で、100を超える魚類、陸生哺乳類、海獣、鳥類、野草の採取量、分配、使用方法に関するデータを収集するとともに、食料安全保障、食糧分配ネットワーク、住民が生存漁労と生存狩猟が行う領域に関する資料を作成した。このプレゼンテーションでは、アラスカで一番大きな北極鯨漁をする街で、年間25トン以上の可食部位を消費するバローに焦点をあて、アラスカの北極圏での、生存漁労・狩猟の経済の中での捕鯨の役割と重要性について探求する。.
Membership in Academic Society
  • American Anthropological Association
  • Alaska Anthropological Association
  • International Arctic Social Sciences Association
  • Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
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