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Mitsunobu Tsutaya Last modified date:2019.12.09

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Doctor of Science
Field of Specialization
Algebraic Topology
Outline Activities
I study algebraic topology.
I am especially interested in mapping spaces and higher homotopy structures.
Research Interests
  • I study algebraic topology.
    I am especially interested in mapping spaces and higher homotopy structures.
    keyword : algebraic topology, mapping spaces, higher homotopy structures
Academic Activities
1. Mitsunobu Tsutaya, Characterizations of homotopy fiber inclusion, Homotopy Theory Symposium, 2019.11.
2. Mitsunobu Tsutaya, An-maps and mapping spaces, Mapping Spaces in Algebraic Topology, 2018.08, An-maps are morphisms between An-spaces introduced by Sugawara, Stasheff, Boardman-Vogt and Iwase. Sugawara, Stasheff and Iwase characterised the condition when a map between An-spaces admits an An-map structure in terms of projective spaces. In this talk, we see that a refinement of this result is realised as a weak homotopy equivalence between the space of An-maps An(G,H) and the space of based maps Map∗(BnG,BH) from the n-th projective space BnG to the classifying space BH. We also see some applications of this results to extension of an evaluation fibration and homotopy commutativity..
3. Mitsunobu Tsutaya, Mapping spaces from projective spaces, International Conference on Manifolds, Groups and Homotopy, 2018.06.
4. Mitsunobu Tsutaya, Homotopy theoretic classifications of gauge groups, Young Researchers in Homotopy Theory and Toric Topology 2017, 2017.08.
5. Mitsunobu Tsutaya, Infiniteness of A∞-types of gauge groups, Friday's Topology Seminar, 2017.02.
6. Mitsunobu Tsutaya, Higher homotopy commutativity in localized Lie groups and gauge groups, Topology & Malaga Meeting, 2017.02.
7. The A_n-structure (n=1,2,...,∞) of a topological group describes certain higher homotopy structure concerned with its binary operation. It has some relation with a generalization of projective spaces and homotopy invariants such as LS-category. The notion.