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Shin-ichi NISHIZAWA Last modified date:2019.06.28

Professor / Renewable Energy System Engineering
Renewable Energy Center
Research Institute for Applied Mechanics

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Semiconductor, Transport Phenomena, Power Electronics
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • / Future Power Devices and Materials (including passive components)
    / Advanced Integration Technology for Future Power Electronics System
    / Reliability Science and Design Technology for Future Power Electronics System
    / Advanced Power Electronics System for Future Energy Grids

    keyword : power electronics, integration, semiconductor
Academic Activities
1. Shin-ichi Nishizawa, WBG road map activies in NPERC-J, WBG Roadmap Workshop, 2019.03.
2. Shin-ichi Nishizawa, Future Power Devices and Semiconductor Wafer Materials, The Forum on the Science and Technology of Silicon Materials 2018, 2018.11.
3. Shin-ichi Nishizawa, Frederic Mercier, Effect of Nitrogen / Aluminum on Silicon Carbide Poly-type Stability, International Workshop on Modeling in Crystal Growth9 (IWMCG9), 2018.10.
4. Shin-ichi Nishizawa, Silicon Carbide Single Crystal Growth by Sublimation and its Poly-type Control, The 7th Asian Conference On Crystal Growth and Crystal Technology, 2017.10.
5. Shin-ichi Nishizawa, WBG Roadmap-Lead Application, The 5th NPERC-J Workshop "Wide bandgap devices and lead applications", 2017.09.
6. Shin-ichi Nishizawa, Power Electronics Application of Widebadngap Semiconductor with its superior properties, German-Japanese Symposium "Regional Innovation and Cluster Collaborations", 2017.09.
7. Shin-ichi Nishizawa, Improvement of Si Materials and Processes for Si power devices , 7th International Workshop on Crystal Growth Technology, 2017.07.
8. Shin-ichi Nishizawa, Traning and educating crystal growth technology, 7th International Workshop on Crystal Growth Technology , 2017.07.
9. Kazunori Hasegawa,Ichiro Omura,Shin-ichi Nishizawa, An Evaluation Circuit for DC-Link Capacitors Used in a Single-Phase PWM Inverter, PCIM Europe, 2017.05.
10. Shin-ichi Nishizawa, WBG Roadmap-Lead Applications, CLINT-WPE Workshop:Cooperation with Japan Wide Bandgap Lead Applications & Advanced Requirements , 2017.03.