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Tomoko Fujita Last modified date:2023.11.22

Graduate School

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Field of Specialization
Family Sociology, Gender Studies, and Australian Studies
Research Interests
  • A Comparative Study on Deanonymization of Sperm Donors in Various Countries and Its Effect on Families
    keyword : Deanonymization, Children's right to know their biological origins, Assisted reporduction
  • Gender Analysis of the Criminal Justice Process of Child Abuse Cases
    keyword : child abuse, criminal justice, gender, family, Japan
  • A Sociological Study of Criminal Justice Process of Child Abuse in Japan
    keyword : child abuse, criminal justice, gender, family, Japan
  • Family Formation and Governance of Body through Surrogacy: A Case Study of Australia
    keyword : family formation, surrogacy, reproductive tourism, governance of body, Australia
  • Family Policy in Australia since the 1970s
    keyword : Welfare Policy, Family Policy, Family Payments, Gender, Neoliberalism, Australia
  • A Social History of Family and Sexuality in Australia
    keyword : Fertility treatments, Reproductive technology, Australian Families