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Geerhardt Kornatowski Last modified date:2019.06.06

Graduate School

Academic Degree
Osaka City University Ph. D. (Literature)
Field of Specialization
Human Geography, Urban Society Studies
Research Interests
  • My research focuses on the spatial manifestation of inequality and non-governmental means of welfare delivery in East-Asian city-regions. More specifically, I am interested in the spatial politics and practices of inner-city service hub neighborhood amidst the various processes of urban restructuring. For this I focus on care services for the homeless in Hong Kong and foreign workers in Singapore. Recently I am also exploring the impact of overseas remittances in the urbanization process of rural Bangladesh.
    keyword : Urban Studies, Inequality, East-Asian City-regions, Foreign Workers, Homelessness
Academic Activities
Educational Activities
"Urban Space and Society", "Integrated Seminar (Comprehensive East Asian and Japanese Studies) C", "Integrated Seminar (Social Diversity and Coexistence)", "Comprehensive East Asian and Japanese Studies C", "Social Diversity and Coexistence C", "Kadai Kyogaku", "Kikan Education Seminar"