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Geerhardt Kornatowski Last modified date:2023.04.13

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Academic Degree
Osaka City University Ph. D. (Humanities), Osaka City University Master’s degree (Humanities), Leuven Catholic University Bachalor & Master (Belgium - Humanities)
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Yes Bachelor Master
Field of Specialization
Human Geography, Urban Society Studies
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • My research focuses on the spatial manifestation of inequality and non-governmental means of welfare delivery in East-Asian city-regions. More specifically, I am interested in the spatial politics and welfare practices of inner-city service hubs amidst the various processes of urban restructuring. For this I focus on voluntary care services for the homeless in Hong Kong and foreign workers in Singapore. Recently I am also exploring the impact of overseas remittances in the urbanization process of rural Bangladesh (Sylhet).
    keyword : Urban Studies, Inequality, East-Asian City-regions, Inner-city Neighborhoods, Foreign Workers, Homelessness
Current and Past Project
  • Joint research project on urban & suburb community hubs and their integrative services for foreign worker trainees
Academic Activities
1. Toshio Mizuuchi, Geerhardt Kornatowski, Taku Fukumoto, Diversity of Urban Inclusivity: Perspectives Beyond Gentrification in Advanced City-Regions, Springer, 2023.03, [URL].
2. Hong Kong’s social housing initiative: From the perspective of the land (re)development regime.
3. Beyond "gentrification": Efforts towards neighborhood vitalization through local housing markets in Japan and Germany.
1. Interrogating Neoliberalism and Gentrification as Appropriate Concepts: A Perspective from the Theorization of "Service Hubs".
2. コルナトウスキ ヒェラルド, Caught Up in Policy Gaps: Distressed Communities of South Asian Migrant Workers in Little India, Singapore, Community Development Journal, 10.1093/cdj/bsw051, 52, 1, 92-106, 2017.02.
3. Guesthouses for Foreigners Businesses in the Inner City and Their Neighborhood Impact: The Case of North Nishinari, Osaka City.
4. The Marginalization of Private Low-Rental Housing and Housing Poverty in Hong Kong’s Inner City.
5. コルナトウスキ ヒェラルド, Partnerships and Governance: Struggle, Cooperation, and the Role of NGOs in Welfare Delivery for the Homeless in Hong Kong, City, Culture & Society, 10.1016/j.ccs.2010.10.006), 1, 3, 155-164, 2010.09.
1. Geerhardt Kornatowski, Wing Shing Tang, Community Housing: The People's Road to Housing Provision and Affordability?, Future is Public: Housing as a basic right (preliminary to the Our Future is Public Conference), 2022.10, [URL].
2. Constance Ching, Geerhardt Kornatowski, Home-making while homeless: Livelihood and intervention of Hong Kong street sleepers under extreme inequality, RC21 - Sensing the City, 2021.07, [URL].
3. Geerhardt Kornatowski, “Regulating Unpredictability: Contested Migrant Worker Spaces and Voluntary Sector Geographies in Singapore”, The 4th Workshop on the Geopolitical Economy of East Asian Developmentalism (EARCAG-GPE), 2019.11, [URL].
4. コルナトウスキ ヒェラルド, Spaces of ambivalence: Contestation and collaboration in Singapore’s migrant worker service hubs, International Conference of Critical Geography, 2019.04.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Research Society on Inclusive Urban Policy
  • East Asia Inclusive City Network (EA-ICN)
  • The Association of Japanese Geographers
  • Academy of Housing for Life and Well-Being, Japan
  • The Human Geographical Society of Japan
Educational Activities
"Urban Space and Society", "Integrated Seminar (Comprehensive East Asian and Japanese Studies) C", "Integrated Seminar (Social Diversity and Coexistence)", "Comprehensive East Asian and Japanese Studies C", "Social Diversity and Coexistence C", "Kadai Kyogaku", "Kikan Education Seminar"
Other Educational Activities
  • 2020.01.