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CHUN CHU Last modified date:2023.11.10

Specialized Academic Administrator / Integrated Legal Office

Administration Post

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Academic Degree
LL.M. (Master of Law)
Field of Specialization
International Legal, International Contract, Export Control
Outline Activities
As an international legal representative in the intellectual property department of a corporation, she was involved in contract review, drafting, and negotiation of English and Chinese language contracts. Currently, while utilizing her experience in the corporate sector, she works at the Integrated Legal Office of Kyushu University (QILO), where she handles a wide range of legal and contractual issues faced by universities and researchers who are promoting the internationalization of their businesses. Through the establishment of QILO, she also emphasizes the importance of expanding the university's legal function.
Research Interests
  • Analysis of risk management and research intigrity for international activities of the university
    keyword : University Law, Security Export Control, GDPR, Academia Safeguards, Research Support, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
Academic Activities
1. Economic Security and Universities – the Significance of Safeguard Clause for Academia in Export Control Law.
1. China Export Control Law.
2. Chain Export Control Law.