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Kota Ogawa Last modified date:2023.11.22

Assistant Professor / Biosystematics Laboratory
Department of Environmental Changes
Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Doctor of Philosophy (Biosphere Science)
Field of Specialization
Entomological Science
Research Interests
  • Polyphenism and Evolution of Aphid
    keyword : Polyphenism, Evolution, Morphology, Biodiversity, Insect
  • Technical development for analysis of internal structure in insects
    keyword : Morphology, tissue-decolorization, Imaging, CLSM, Multi-photon excitation microscope
Academic Activities
1. Ogawa K, Miura T, Aphid polyphenisms: trans-generational developmental regulation through viviparity., Frontiers in physiology, 2014.01, [URL].
1. Ogawa K, Miura T, Two developmental switch points for the wing polymorphisms in the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum., EvoDevo, 4, 1, 30, 2013.11, [URL].
2. Ogawa Kota, Ishikawa Asano, Kanbe Takashi, Akimoto Shin-ichi, Miura Toru, Male-specific flight apparatus development in Acyrthosiphon pisum (Aphididae, Hemiptera, Insecta): comparison with female wing polyphenism, ZOOMORPHOLOGY, 131, 3, 197-207, 2012.09, [URL].
3. Ishikawa A, Ogawa K, Gotoh H, Walsh TK, Tagu D, Brisson JA, Rispe C, Jaubert-Possamai S, Kanbe T, Tsubota T, Shiotsuki T, Miura T, Juvenile hormone titre and related gene expression during the change of reproductive modes in the pea aphid., Insect molecular biology, 21, 1, 49-60, 2012.02, [URL].
Works, Software and Database
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