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PIERLUIGI CESANA Last modified date:2021.06.21

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Academic Degree
PhD in Applied Mathematics, SISSA International School for Advanced Studies, Italy
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Calculus of Variations
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Automatized material discovery with the aid of AI and Machine Learning techniques.
    keyword : Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, polymers
  • Understanding strengthening in mille-feuille structures via mesoscale modeling of structural and material instabilities
    keyword : Kink formation, disclination, dislocation, crystal plasticity, Gamma-convergence, Finite Element
  • Mesoscale modeling for disclinations toward a theory for kink and material strengthening
    keyword : Mille-feuille structure, kink, disclination
  • Nematic Elastomers. Modeling and analysis of order-strain interaction in soft crystalline polymers elastic foundations.
    keyword : nematic liquid crystal elastomers
  • Martensite. Modeling of topological defects in crystal lattices by means of stochastic models.
    keyword : calculus of variations, martensite
Current and Past Project
  • Prepared and submitted a paper "A probabilistic model for interfaces in a martensitic phase transition" with Prof. B. Hambly.
    Started new project on modeling martensitic microstructure with fragmentation models and computation of power laws of geometric quantities generated during the fragmentation process.
    Started new research line on modeling disclinations and kink formation with Prof. Tomonari Inamura (TokyoTech, visiting Oxford during 2018).
  • Modeling of disclinations and kink formation in metals
  • Modeling and Analysis of Nematic Elastomers and Martensite in various configuration with both variational and probabilistic methods.

    Computed exact exponents of power law distributions from fragmentation models describing simple mechanisms of space-time evolutions of martensitic microstructures. Compared analytical and numerical results. Collaboration with B. Hambly (Oxford).

    Computed exact effective energies of nematic elastomers in elastic foundations configuration, in the membrane regime with small displacements. Obtained phase-diagrams for the energy in the dependence of various geometric and material parameters. Collaboration with A. Baldelli (CNRS)

    Obtained exact solutions to 4th order reaction-diffusion equations for surface growth and diffusion. Collaboration with the La Trobe group of P. Broadbridge, D. Triadis and D. Gallage.

    Obtained the exact relaxation of an energy model for the planar hexagonal-to-orthorhombic martensitic transformation. One book chapter published.

Academic Activities
Educational Activities
PDEs (October-January)
Numerical Linear Algebra (International Science Course, December-January)
Probability theory and Statistics (April-May)
Contact me for PhD, MS thesis supervision
Professional and Outreach Activities
AIRIMAQ Fellowship to be spent at Math INstitute, Oxford on the probabilistic modeling of martensite..