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Shiotsu Hiromichi Last modified date:2023.11.22

Assistant Professor / Medical Science and Technology
Department of Health Sciences
Faculty of Medical Sciences

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Field of Specialization
Cell biology, Clinical Laboratory Science
Outline Activities
I will be in charge of Physiological Functional Testing I, II, and III, Physiological Functional Testing Practicum, and Clinical Microbiology Practicum. I am interested in the development of novel clinical tests using microRNAs in blood.
Research Interests
  • Development of new clinical examination methods by miRNA
    keyword : microRNA, Clinical Laboratory Science, Echocardiography
Academic Activities
1. Hiromichi Shiotsu, Kazuhiro Okada, Tatsuki Shibuta, Yuki Kobayashi, Saki Shirahama, Chieri Kuroki, Saori Ueda, Masanori Ohkuma, Katsuyoshi Ikeda, Yukio Ando, Hirotaka Matsui, Yuzo Kayamori and Tsukuru Umemura, The Influence of Pre-analytical Factors on the Analysis of Circulating MicroRNA, MicroRNA, 10.2174/2211536607666180709143335., 7, 3, 195-203, 2018.12.
1. Hiromichi Shiotsu, Kazuhiro Okada, Saki Shirahama, Chieri Kuroki, Saori Ueda, Katsuyoshi Ikeda, Hirotaka Matsui, Yuzo Kayamori, Tsukuru Umemura, Standardization of circulating miRNA analysis: Difference between plasma and serum miRNAs, The 32nd World Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science, 2016.09.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Associetion of Medical Technologists
  • Japanese Society of Echocardiography
  • Japanese Society of Sonographers
  • Japanese Society of Laboratory Medicine
Educational Activities
Responsible for Physiology and Functional Testing I, II, and III, Physiology and Functional Testing Laboratory Practicum, and Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Practicum for Laboratory Technology Science students.