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Natalie Konomi Last modified date:2023.11.27

Undergraduate School
基幹教育院 基幹教育セミナー英語クラス(KIKAN Seminar English)
Other Organization
Administration Post
Vice President

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Economics (D. Econ.) (Nagoya University)
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Economics and business administration, Organizational management, Cross-cultural understanding, Intercultural communication, Internationalization strategies of universities (international comparison)
Outline Activities
As Vice President at Kyushu University, I am in charge of "International Affairs and Diversity".
As manager of the Global Strategies Office at Kyushu University my main tasks include:
・ Strategic international exchange (strategic partnerships, etc.)
・ Consortium-type international cooperation
・ Information gathering and analysis on trends in overseas higher education and student exchange
・ Support of and cooperation with the International Offices of all departments at Kyushu University
・ Support of and cooperation with each department in the development of inbound/outbound programs
・ Planning and research of combined development of the university's DX strategy and international strategy
My research areas cover organizational management, cross-cultural understanding and intercultural communication.
Research Interests
  • Intercultural communication and understanding
    keyword : culture, intercultural communication, cross cultural understanding
  • Sense of identity of the Ainu
    keyword : Ainu, intercultural understanding
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • Academy of Management
  • Japan Association for International Student Education
  • Council of International Student Advisors of National Universities
Educational Activities
・KIKAN Seminar in English
・Nikkan Program English Class
・Japanese Business Communication (intensive course for visiting students from UQ University within the UQ-JPIE project)
・English Conversation for outbound students (ELEP/Q2PEC programs)
・Survival Japanese I and II (Master and Doctorate students at the Graduate School of Engineering)
Other Educational Activities
  • 2023.04, COIL class between HUJI and Kyushu University (spring semester).
  • 2022.10, COIL class between HUJI and Kyushu University (winter semester).
Professional and Outreach Activities
・Promotion of academic exchange and international joint research with present and future partner universities
・Promotion and coordination of short-term language outbound programs (ELEP, Q2PEC)
・Promotion and coordination of international research exchange programs (UQ-JPIE, ANGEL)
・Chairman of Itoshima Multicultural Community Development Promotion Council (Itoshima City Hall)
・English translation of regional exchange event materials from Itoshima City
・Lecturer at Itoshima Citizen's College (September 2023)
・Participation as a moderator in the Kyushu U Connect Outreach event for high school students
・Teaching children at the after-school day service "Yume Fuusen.