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Nobuhiro MASUDA Last modified date:2020.10.01

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Academic Degree
PhD (Literature)
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Aesthetics, Image Theory
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Image and Media Theory
1. History and Theory of Photography
2. Theory of Media Technology and Visual Culture
3. Aesthetics of Media/Bio Art
Research Interests
  • 1. Theory and History of Photography
    2. Media Theory and Visual Culture
    3. Theory and History of Media/BioArt
    keyword : Aesthetics, Image, Media, Art, Design
Academic Activities
1. , [URL].
1. 増田展大, Chronophotography and Plasmatic Cinema (Chap. 1 in "Creative Evolution of Moving Images? : Deleuze's Cinema and Pre-cinema"), 『文学・芸術・文化』(近畿大学文芸学部論集 ), 31, 1, 47-84, 2019.08.
2. Nobuhiro MASUDA, Gravity and the Moving Images in the 19th Century, Proceedings of ICA 2016 "Aesthetics and Mass Culture" (The Korean Society of Aesthetics), 355-359, 2017.03, [URL].
1. Nobuhiro MASUDA, The Material Mediation of Bioart, Quite Frankly: It's a Monster Conference (SymbioticA+Somatechnics), 2018.10.
2. Nobuhiro MASUDA, Gravity and Moving Image in the Nineteenth Century, 20th International Congress of Aesthetics, 2016.07.
3. Nobuhiro MASUDA, Chronophotography and Plasmatic Cinema(Panel paper, "Deleuze's Cinema and Pre-cinema: The Creative Evolution of Moving Images"), The 2nd International Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference, 2014.06.
4. Nobuhiro MASUDA, Animetic Representation of the Prosthetic Body (Panel paper, "Prosthetic Utopia: Archaeologies of the Future in Japanese Popular Culture" ), The 3rd Mechademia Conference on Anime, Manga and Media Theory from Japan, 2012.11.