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Hitoshi Kuriyama Last modified date:2024.05.13

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Academic Degree
M.A. in Science of Design, Ph.D. in Fine Art
Field of Specialization
Contemporary Art
Outline Activities
Through the production of art works, I am exploring the concept of nothingness and existence. On the other hand, I am also conducting research to systematize the basic elements common to all the plastic arts and to clarify the "order of beauty." Artworks play the role of a "lens" that reflects this world as another. The beholder shapes a new view of the world through the "lens." I would like you to aim to present a new perspective as an artwork with your own sensibility and the "equation of beauty". By doing so, the beholder may create various new images. In other words, the work functions as a "catalyst" and promotes the "chemical reactions of inactive substances" in the beholder.
Research Interests
  • Practical Research in Contemporary Art
    keyword : Contemporary Art
Academic Activities
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Educational Activities
While focusing on art, you will combine various knowledge and media across fields to explore creative expression activities that are not bound by established frames. In recent years, in the fields of art and design that have undergone remarkable development and change, you will consider the flow and examples of art history and design history that are considered important, and aim to systematize the basic theory in modeling expression. In addition, through the creation of works, you will provide opportunities to find out your own challenges and interests and think about ways to express them. Specifically, based on contemporary art, research guidance will be given on how to get the idea of the work, how to make a concept of the work, the way of using technology in the work creation, application of the basic modeling elements, the mechanism of work acceptance, exhibition practice, how to make a portfolio, etc. While taking in field research such as fieldwork, I try to provide education so that you can feel the actual place where art and design are created.
Professional and Outreach Activities
I participate in lectures and workshops held in Japan and abroad, focusing on contemporary art. I also serve as a judge for art competitions and gives public lectures to university departments and course administrators..