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Lecturer / Graduate School of Law (International Programs in Law)
Department of International Legal Studies
Faculty of Law

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Academic Degree
LL.D., LL.M., LL.B. and Bachelors in International Studies
Field of Specialization
International Business Law (Transport Law; Maritime Law; and E-Commerce Law)
Research Interests
  • International Contract Law; International Sales Contract Law; Transport Law; Comparative Law
    keyword : International contract law; Japanese law; Korean law; CISG; UNIDROIT Principles
  • International Maritime Law
    keyword : International Maritime Law
  • International Civil Procedures and International Jurisdiction; Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments
    keyword : Private International Law; International Jurisdiction
  • Impact on, and New Understanding about, Laws and Institutions with the Development of ICT
    keyword : Business Law; Maritime Commercial Law; ICT; E-commerce; Blockchain; AI
  • Project Leadership
    keyword : project leadership; leadership theories; project management; work classification
Academic Activities
1. Anselmo Reyes, UNHO LEE, “Chapter 6: South Korea” (Book Title: Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments In Civil and Commercial Matters), Hart Publishing, 2019.12.
1. Unho LEE, 전자선하증권과 관련한 주요국 입법 동향 및 분석:영국과 일본을 중심으로電子船荷証券に関する主要国の立法動向と分析 - イギリスと日本を中心に (Direction and Analysis of Electronic Bill of Lading Legislation of Major Countries: Focusing on the UK and Japan), 한국해법학회지 (韓国海法学会誌), 45, 3, 171-221, 2023.12.
2. Caslav Pejovic, Unho Lee, Blockchain Bills of Lading: A New Generation of Electronic Transport Documents, Poredbeno pomorsko pravo (Comparative Maritime Law),, Vol. 61, No. 176, 31-62, 2022.12.
3. UNHO LEE, “Assessment of the Legal Instruments and Possibilities for the Use of Electronic Bills of Lading”,, Journal of Korea Trade, 2020.05.
4. Unho LEE HK LEE, “A Study on the Improvement of Bill of Lading Law and Practice with the Introduction of Autonomous Vessels”, Advanced Commercial Law Review, 2019.07.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Maritime Law Association of Japan
  • Korea Trade Research Association
  • Korea Maritime Law Association
  • Korea Private International Law Association
Educational Activities
Currently working as a teaching associate for Global Vantage Program in the Faculty of Law, helping students constructively engage in the discussions about basics of law, current issues in international society, important domestic/international legal cases, and their individual research areas. Also working for the LL.M. program by offering a lecture and supervising graduate students.