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Mao Kudo Last modified date:2023.11.27

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

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Academic Degree
Ph.D. Design, M.ed
Field of Specialization
Visual Design, Sign System Design, Pictogram
Research Interests
  • Filmmaking led by people with disabilities
    keyword : Disability / Filmmaking / Decision Making / Preferences / Initiative / Communication / Intellectual Disability
  • Design of spring-loaded "Karakuri Pictogram Social Inclusion Specification
    keyword : pictogram / Karakuri mechanism / Social Inclusion / dementia / intellectual disability
  • Pictogram Design in Response to Diversity ーFocusing on Pre-standardization Historical Resourcesー
    keyword : pictograms / Rudolf Modray / intellectual disabilities / Design for diversity / Design history
  • I research on sign design that guide people to their destinations and pictograms that convey information at first glance.
    In particular, I focus on the visual cognitive feature of people with intellectual disabilities and autism, and aim for a design that more people will find "ease of understanding."
    Sign designs and pictograms are designed to coexist with people and the environment,
    keyword : pictograms / comprehension / intellectual disability / ASD / diversity / wayfinding / sign / graphic design / design / disability
Current and Past Project
  • The purpose of this study is to verify the effectiveness and differences between pictograms and letters in cooking behavior and product operation when using a gas stove.
    For this purpose, we will analyze and verify the process of cognitive behavior of participants, including those with low vision, by having them operate a gas stove with a pictogram and a letter display, respectively.
Academic Activities
Works, Software and Database
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Educational Activities
In the field of Graphic Design, I teach research methods for communicating information to a wider people in an easy to understand way, and design practices based on these results.
I also educate students on how to incorporate the visual and cognitive characteristics of people with disabilities, and on the concept of design based on the basic principles of universal design and ICF by WHO.