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Koji Tsukuda Last modified date:2024.04.17

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Mathematical Statistics
Research Interests
  • When a set of individuals with some attributes is partitioned by the attributes of each individual into non-empty and disjoint subsets whose union is the original set, the total number of individuals is expressed as the sum of the number of individuals with each attribute. Expressing a positive integer as a sum of positive integers in this way is called integer partition, and a probability distribution on integer partitions is called a random partition. I am studying random partitions focusing on statistical properties and inferences.
    I am also studying regression analysis, which is used to describe associations between explanatory variables and response variables.
    Additionally, regarding statistical applications in industry, I am interested in methodologies used for business activities such as development, product design and quality control.
    keyword : Random Partition, Regression Analysis, Statistical Asymptotic Theory
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